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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go Bananas Game

This is played much like Bang, Crash, Rotten Banana,etc. This was made to review the Treasures Reading Series Kindergarten sight words.

How to Play:
  1. Take turns drawing the word cards from the container and reading them.
  2. If you can read the word within 5 seconds, you get to keep the card. If you can't, your partner tries tries to read it, and if it is read correctly, the partner keeps the card.
  3. If neither of you get it right, the card goes into the "Don't Know It, Yet" pile on the floor.
  4. When a Go Bananas! card is pulled out of the container the students place all their cards back into the container. The Go Bananas! card is then placed in a separate pile on the floor or table .
  5. The game is played until all the cards are drawn, and the player with the most cards wins.

Download game here:

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