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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making Words Lessons

I'm sure we are all familiar with this activity. It just so happens to be one of my favorite. What I do: I type (or handwrite) the letters in the boxes for the new spelling/phonics skill in which we are working. I make copies for all students. As the students are cutting apart their letters, I turn my board into their sheet (either numbering the board in the same manner with the columns, etc. or projecting it onto the dry erase board so they can see their paper). Students lay their letters all in a row facing them. I give them a word to make. Let's say the word is dog. Students would use their letters to make the word dog. I would monitor and assist as needed...stretching the word to give individual assistance. Then a child would go up and write the word. I would then say, change one letter in dog, to make the word "log." Students would again use their letters. My helper who wrote the word, would monitor the students to MAKE sure they are using their letters..that's a big job that they love having--being the "teacher"--and pick a new student to go up and write the word. This continues through the page. Again, I use their spelling words/phonics skill to do this activity. Here's a great page for them to record their answers:

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