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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sa-far-i see it's going to be a fun theme!! (You may need to say that again to get it)

I'm going to try to get into my room today.  I'm not even sure if my floors are waxed.....but I have to get a move on it. Yes, I know, school doesn't start for a month----but trust me----I need a good week to work on it.  (I kept telling myself, I'll go in on a rainy day. HA--it's only rained in the evenings, and it's been too pretty to go work!) I t;old my husband that I was dragging everyone in to help me today---guess that's why he's still in bed.  ;)  Again, while everyone was sleeping, I played around with some clip art and such, and came up with this.  It's more for a Jungle/Adventure/Safari Themed room...but you're more than welcome to use it.

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