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Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, it's that time of year again---thinking about Back to School.  I have to get into my classroom within the next week..or knowing me, it won't get done.  I tend to talk on those teacher "work days"---and not really "WORK."  What can I say---I love to socialize! :)  Okay, that's beside the point.....Five years ago I started doing themes in my room.  I've had Bears, Stars, Monkeys (LOVE the Trend Monkey Mischief), and the past two years we had a school wide theme around sports.  This year, our school wide theme is Learning is an Adventure----so I get to save a little money, and reuse my monkeys!! YAY!!  I thought what about a SAFARI??? I played around with clip art today on PowerPoint...believe it or not, I've never really messed with PowerPoint.....so forgive my Welcome Sign.  My little inside border doesn't line up the greatest---but ahh, if I  mount it on a piece of heavy brown cardboard, maybe cut it to make it look a little jagged around the edges, it may not look so shabby.  While making the Welcome Sign, I was thinking about a little back to school treat incorporating animals.  The kids will need a snack after those long summer month, and animal crackers are a great choice. I will bag a handful up, and add this to the bags.  Enjoy!


  1. I love this! At our school we are doing "Learning around the world" theme and each of our classrooms are adopting a continent. I got Africa so I am also going to use the theme of Safari. Cute ideas, and I think I will do animal crackers for our snack too! Thank you!

  2. Thanks and I'm glad you can use it!! I may be making some more things in the "safari" theme---but I have to get into that classroom to see what else I need to do! :)


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