Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's my sound?

I always struggle with finding fun review games for the beginning of the year for my students.  Having taught 2nd for the past 3 years (though I taught 1st for several years before that), I'm struggling even more trying to remember what first graders know (or don't know) at the beginning of the year.  I've been trying to come up with something that we can play in those first few days of school to review with them and get them up and moving.  There are several of these I HAVE, WHO HAS games out there if you look for them, but I'm finding out now that it's just as quick for me to make my own things---and ohhhh so much cheaper than going out and buying.
The rules for I Have, Who Has (and I posted one last night as well) in my classroom are
1) I give everyone their own card, or sometimes they have helpers.  I give them a few minutes to read it, and ask questions if necessary.
2) I ask who has the star card or the first card.  That person stands up and reads their card. Then sits back down.
3) The person who has the answer cards pop up, reads their card, then sits back down.  Play continues until you reach the first card.

Here's my latest I Have, Who Has---it's on ENDING SOUNDS 


  1. This will be great but probably won't work for quite a few at beginning because they won't be able to read the cards. Maybe pair them upR!

  2. I thought about that (since there's only 12 cards oops)---or since it's all repetition maybe they could "read" it :)


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