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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


When I logged on this evening, I didn't expect to see that I was gaining followers.  I do believe one of my fabulous followers is my husband though (he said he's going to check it and comment daily HA!---he won't. He thinks my new found hobby is silly.) Today was a productive day---I stepped away from the computer (I know, right?) and cleaned, and made cupcakes with my kiddos. (If you've read my profile, you know that baking is one of my FAVORITE things to do.) I was craving chocolate chip something...so I attempted this
but I'm no Martha Stewart.  HOWEVER, that did get my creativity flowing, and I started thinking...hmm....cookies, chocolate chips, school-----and I thought---I need to go back to the computer. I did, and here you go:  Chocolate Chip Words   and the
Cookie Sort Sheets to go with it:---(I just saw my document on this, and my fill in is only showing a small section.  It saved fine as a PDF on my computer, but when uploaded to google docs--something crazy happened.  If you can help me figure it out, it would be FABULOUS---mind you, this is all still VERY new to me)  But I thought that for a center, with some baking sheets--this would be FUN!

Now with all that said---the cupcakes sparked my creativity----what helps get you going?

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