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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm headed out to do back-to-school shopping.  I haven't "shopped" for a while (it's been almost 3 weeks--*sigh* I know, right?) The last time I went shopping, I found those cute little rubber stamps in the target dollar bin (y'all know the ones I'm talking about).  I got to thinking I need to put those to good use (with directions)--and I've seen those cute little picture icons posted for easy directions on Pinterest and other blogs--so that triggered this: 

Since I've already mentioned in my centers section that I always have a spelling center, I thought these directions may be simple enough for everyone to understand--without taking away extra time from my guided reading groups. 

Off to shopping---I don't think I'm allowed to search the dollar bin at Target, or go to any teacher stores though.  My hubby thinks I've already accumulated too much stuff over the years.  (I guess I'm kinda a teacher hoarder---BUT--it's organized, does that count?)

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