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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cheap, Fast, and Easy-----

Though these are from a casino---the black container reminds me of  film canisters. Be a great way to roll the dice!
That was always my Mom's motto on cooking...so, taking her motto in mind....I thought, well maybe things for the classroom should be the same?  Not much is needed for these activities.  Students will need crayons, pencil--and dice.  (By the way, Dollar Tree has dice in both a mulit-colored pack and white pack.  They used to have the big foam dice, but I can't find them anymore, and I've been to several looking.)  We use Envision Math, and I thought that this would be good first of the year math pages for either independent or center work. One page is Roll, Color, Tally--up to 12.  The other page is comparing numbers to 6. If you are able to use them, feel free to leave a comment---or suggestion.  Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.  Thanks! :)

OHH, as I was typing this, I went and made another one.  It's like the comparing number sets to six, but I made it up to twelve.  You can get it here:

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