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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons I Know It's Back To School

Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is hosting a Back-To-School Linky Party.  These are a hoot to read!!  You can click her blog button to join in on the fun!

Here are mine:

Top 10 Reasons I Know It’s Back to School

10) My husband has been nagging me that I’m still on summer break (however, he’s been saying that since the 2nd week we were out of school as I started planning then lol)

9) My internal clock kicks in 2 weeks before school (or maybe that’s my kids?)

8) Back to School Shopping has begun (okay, so I like to shop regardless of the season---but this gives me a legit reason to shop for my own children)

7) I’m checking out the Staples preview ad to see if there’s any better deals the next week (Our nearest Staples is about an hour away)

6) I'm on the internet A LOT—blogging, pinning, creating, searching (Facebook has kinda been pushed to the side—FOR NOW---have to keep up with the current events you know?)

5) I start creating lists for everything I need (and then forget where I stuck them)

4) My house has teacher stuff stuck in every closet (out of view---HATE clutter---but don’t open my closets)

3) I’ve already been in my classroom---and am sorta ready—(but then again, are you ever REALLY ready?)

2) I’ve been working on the things I created this summer with my son (who will be in Kindergarten) just to see how they go over!  

***And the number one reason I know it’s time to go back to school---I take the last week before school starts to do something every day with my kids! Last year, it was mini-trips (zoo, caves, hiking, etc.)---This year, they have a surprise trip to Disney!!!  (What am I thinking going on a week’s  vacation before school starts?----Love my job----but my kids are my World)


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