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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

App-solutely Loving Apples!

How I love this time of year!!  We (my family) went a couple weekends ago to pick apples at our local orchard during their fall harvest.  I love to do that with my kids---and that brought about my wanting to do an apple unit in my classroom.  I've done them in years past, but the more I do with my family--the more I want the children in my classroom to experience things too.  So many of them don't necessarily come from the best home life.  We've been working on various activities, and Monday we watched a video on YouTube--the Disney version of Johnny Appleseed (thanks to one of my wonderful co-workers for letting me know it was there).  We've made a KWL chart, talked about the seasons (making a flap book with their illustrations), the life cycle, read a few apple books, and even read The Giving Tree (I think they found the story a little sad-but I don't know if they had ever been so quiet during a story--must have enjoyed it).  Tomorrow I hope to graph our favorite apples, and have them describe the one they chose too.  I have provided those papers here.  In math, our lesson today was on the missing part...there was some confusion on about 1/4 of my class today--so I made a simple (3 problem) paper for me to do a quick assessment on.  You can also get that in the above link.  On Friday----I hope to conclude my apple unit with a craft and making applesauce!!  Hopefully I can get some things accomplished this week---but sometimes, you have to stop and enjoy things with your class too!!  Happy Fall Y'all!! 

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