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Sunday, September 11, 2011


 We've been in school for 10 days--10 BUSY days.  I haven't tried centers with my students yet this year.  I have such a chatty bunch.  I generally run centers during my guided reading groups (which the levels were just finished Friday thanks to my wonderful co-workers) and I have been kinda a little weary with my chatty angels, but with the Good Lord on my side---this WILL work!!  Wish me luck!!  Okay---so on with the good stuff....we use Treasures Reading series and last week's story was focusing on short a and this week does the same.  I made a short a word family sort which you can get HERE.  I totally love the salt box houses!!  SOOO CUTE!!!! Then for math, we use Envisions.  I really do like this series for the most part.  I watch how it's presented in the videos for the students, and then new ideas stem from that for me to present it differently to those who need reteaching.  Last week, one of our lessons was on greater than, less than---SUCH A hard concept for firsties---and so early in the year! I made this activity to help them practice...who doesn't love rolling dice?  (Sidenote---to reduce noise, let them roll the dice inside a crayon box, or a carpet square--much better than on the desk tops or floor).  To review number order/comparing numbers (also a lesson in Envisions), I made this activity. I love the firefighter clip art---so adorable--and so appropriate for today!!  I do remember--and I will never forget!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great school year---and that someone is able to use these centers/activities!!  Enjoy!!!


  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I too have been crazy busy! So busy that I just noticed your comment on my Chrysanthemum post. Anyway, I just added a link to your wonderful download! It is FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing the link with me. Life will so down...right!?!

  2. I love, love, love the fire trucks! This will really be a great activity for my students. THANKS!

  3. Aren't they though??? :) ---and you're welcome! :)


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