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Monday, September 5, 2011

A is for Apple!!

I don't know how you fabulous bloggers do it!  Still being a newbie (I consider 3 months new lol) to the blogging world, I'm finding it hard to manage family, classroom, blogging---and the good Lord knows I need some me time in there!!  I'm glad this was a holiday weekend--but I still have no idea where my time went.  I did manage to make a few things today to help with our upcoming reading units.  Here is what I made today.
It's all centered around the short vowel a and there is a response card page in there.  We had an in-service Friday.  The presenter had these response cards from Really Good Stuff--which were really cute to write on and stuff---but I thought I'll just make my own.  I plan on laminating them and putting them back to back--folded the way they are, and then stick onto a craft stick.  They can show me "Yes, I understand" or "No, I don't understand"--or "Yes, it has the right sound" or "No, it doesn't have the right sound"---The possibilities are endless I tell you!!! :) Ohh and  I also posted previously how I do my making words with the Treasures series.  You can find that information here.

And if you read my last post about my FABULOUS singing---well, then you know that I love it, though I can't carry a tune.  Here's a few links to some short vowel a songs.  Enjoy!! :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBAuIzZttP4 (this song is VERY repetitive)

From a Mailbox Magazine:
"Short Vowel Beat"
First clap your hands and then stomp your feet
Everybody do the short vowel beat!
Candy, candy, a/a/a (repeat) - (you are saying the short a sound)
Wave your arms high, swing your arms low,
The short vowel beat is the way to go

To the Tune of  "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
"The letter a says a, a, a (make the short vowel sound)
a, a, a,
a, a, a,
The letter a says a, a, a all day long"

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