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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spelling Cards

Isn't this comic so true of today's world?  Has spelling gone by the wayside?  Considering the technology we have now---spell check for typing---and then all the shortened txt for txting?  Moving on........

Okay---This post is going to be short and maybe sweet?...A few years ago I found these great spelling task cards on proteacher--I used them for a few years, but they said choose 8 or some said choose 10 of your spelling words to do the given task.  I FINALLY made some for myself as I have more than 8 spelling words.  You can click here to get them.

**The fonts show up fine for me on the PDF, but if they don't work for ya--let me know and I can always email you with the PDF file. 


  1. I have a set of task cards that I made for my classroom and my students love them. There are some ideas here that I do not have. Your site is really great...this is my first time coming across it. Thanks for all the great ideas!! :0)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you found some things you could use.....keep checking back! :)

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