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Friday, October 21, 2011


Next week, our Treasures series focuses on the sound of short e.  I think that e and i are so confusing to distinguish the difference between...and then when you add our "southern Ohio" dialect---it's even harder to hear.  I don't know how often I repeat the word "GET" to my kids so they can hear that it isn't "GIT"...I'm a big fan of Larry the Cable guy, but the grammar, not so much....

I usually cup my hand around my ear and pretend to be an old lady by saying " EH?  What's that you say?"---I guess pretending to be an old lady isn't too far from what some of my firsties think of me--if you read my last post! HA! :)  Ohh well....Anywho...I made some activities that I put in my store (31 pages in the download)---but every time I post something to sell there, I will try to continue to post something free on my blog.  However, if anyone wants to see what's for sale...you can visit it here:

As for the freebie..you can get it by clicking on the picture below.

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