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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I need "fluff"

Some of my co-workers kinda chuckle when I say this---but I need "fluff" in my day.  I need to make my days as fun as possible--ESPECIALLY on testing days.  This week we were taking our quarterly assessments (our testing is based on Treasures Reading series, and Envisions Math).  I needed a break The kids needed a break! I feel like sometimes when you have so many mandated assessments and textbooks to use, that no matter how fun I try to make it---it just seems BLAH! Anywho...

I love the story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  It's such a fun read aloud....and there's so many possibilities with this story..sequencing, retelling, onomatopoeia, predictions....and the list goes on.  I TOTALLY love children's books (Please don't ask me what the last adult book I read was lol).  When I'm doing something out of my normal routine, I like to have it all prepared (never know when you need a sub--ya know?)-so it's not a lot, but here's a few activities for the story.  I also found a website with these cute scarecrows.  I put the link in the file....but I added a glyph to go with it (also in the download).  However, today as we were working on the glyph--I had them use the hair pieces to represent their age. 

**Sidenote**I had one little guy who asked me (as I was making mine with them to demonstrate) if I were going to do the same--and he said, "What do you need---fif?" and he stopped....I said WHAT???---of course we laughed, but geesh--lol

Okay--back on topic.  I had forgotten how long it takes to do a craft project with firsties....but they did turn out cute. OHHHH and guess what????? I took pictures--kinda---sorta....well, I  used my phone so they didn't turn out great, but it's a start right? :)

**The last picture is kinda blurry--I had a little helper my son clinging loving on me as I was snapping it


  1. Thank you for the freebies! My class heard this story at the library on Monday, but it was a book on tape and the reader did not do a good job at all, so I am planning to read it again! Now I'll have a cute activity to go along!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous freebies! We use Treasures and Envision as well, so it is nice to see what someone else is doing with the same resources. I so totally agree about the need for Fluff! I feel like all of the fun has been sucked out of teaching and learning, so I try to squeeze some fluff in when I can, which is not much.

    Thanks again!!!


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