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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Red Hen

This week our reading series (we use Treasures) has one of my FAVORITE stories.  I just love this!!  I requested The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza from our library to use this week too.  I'm hoping to read several versions of this story, compare/contrast them and maybe Friday I will make bread in the classroom with my firsties.  I think I saw a book called "The Little Red Hen Gets Help." Has anyone read that version?  I would be interested in seeing it too.

I made a few things to go with this story.  Some I'm posting in my Teacher Store--and hopefully I will have  more to post here as I work on it through the week.  Currently I have a writing/sequencing activity to share with you.  The pictures are to go with the Treasures version of the story.  You can click the picture below to get it.

Here's what I've put in the store if anyone is interested.  In the file there are sorts for plurals (-s and -es with a recording sheet), task cards for plurals to use with Scoot or however you'd like, and a contraction pig match (no recording sheet). I also typed up the contraction song.  I had previously posted short e activities in the store (that also go with these week's story. (You can click the picture below to go directly to the store)

 **My only request--if you find any of this useful, helpful, etc....please leave a comment or become a follower if you aren't already.  Thanks! :)


  1. There is a story "Little Red Hen Gets Help." It is actually in my reading curriculum. It is about the animals making tacos and after eating no one wants to help clean up. But in the end the ants help clean up. It's a cute little story!

  2. Thank you for posting ideas relating to treasures. This is my first year teaching 1st grade and the first year using treasures. I am looking for ideas to use in a center but keeping it related to treasures.

  3. We read the Little Red Hen a week or 2 ago. What a great idea. This is my first year using Treasures and there is definitely a lot to get through. Thank you for sharing. I also downloaded the Tic Tac Toe Homework sheet. I am going to send it home this week. I will let you know how it goes. What a great idea! Please pass my comment on to your colleague.

  4. I am glad you found some things you can use. I will be posting more Tic Tac Toe Boards once I get back to school---so check back! :)

  5. Hi
    Thanks for the download. My class does this story next week.

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