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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest--with no education relation--

I see all these fabulous teacher ideas that all these FABULOUS bloggers share---either through the pins on their blog, or their blog posts being pinned.  It's AWESOME...so here's me---looking at my pin boards...and well, my "school stuff" related board (and yes, it's called School stuff--and I threw stuff well-not a lot of anything actually- in it and it's not organized) --is looking kinda pathetic comparatively.  Although I do have a few other pathetic looking boards too.  I feel like I spend a good bit of time on there at night (while hubby plays his video games---by the way, do  boys men ever outgrow that?) 

Anyways.... I have found some WONDERFUL recipes....and considering that baking is just as much of a passion of mine as teaching--I thought I'd share some with ya'll! 

Snicker's Cupcakes--from mybakingadditon   
These are FABULOUS.  I think these could be my new addiction!!

Cupcake Fondue--   
My daughter is always wanting to get the fondue pot out---she loves chocolate and ANYTHING--but I think she'd love this as much!!  How yummy!!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

PERFECT for this time of year.  I made pumpkin cupcakes to take to work (per my son's teacher's request)--they were ahh okay--but I can't wait to try this recipe!!

Anyone else pinning---but maybe for non-school related things? My pin boards aren't huge with pins--I think I end up going from link to link to link--and then forget where I was lol---would love if anyone wanted to share some fab BAKING recipes (not much of a cook here--lol)

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