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Sunday, November 27, 2011

He's Making a List---He's Checking it Twice

Well the house is decorated----the outside lights are up.  Christmas music was playing last night---all that is missing are the smells of fattening foods baking in my kitchen (I must get in there and solve that problem soon!!) Have I told you how much I LOVE Christmas?  I think I'm just as giddy about the holidays as my own children--not to mention my firsties.  When we turned our calendar to November, I started a Christmas countdown in the classroom.  Like I said---I'm just as giddy.  Christmas is a time to be giving (though I think that all year should be the Christmas season---people just seem jollier) and I would like to say that I will have a freebie for you each and every day leading up to Christmas....and by golly, I'm going to TRY, BUT the holidays are also hectic--will see what I can do.  How about we start with this? 

 You can click on Santa to get the document.  The first pic is just a seasonal word list for a center. The other two pictures are journal prompts.  I plan on using these for a writing center over the next few weeks.  I hope someone else can find them useful-----just remember---I LOVE COMMENTS.  I feed off of them--well comments and baked goods make my life HAPPY!! :)

And now a shameless plug for my Teacher Store---I made several products this weekend, so if you happen to get a chance and want to see what I've made--I'd love to have some followers over there too.  Here's a quick peek of the adorable graphics I've used on four different games.  You can click the picture below to visit and become a store follower if you'd like. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I am feeling the love for Christmas and bloggers like you!!

  2. Always can use new journal prompts. Thanks for the creative prompts and word list!

  3. Thank you for posting the journal prompts. :-)

    First Grade Delight

  4. Thankyou,these are great, and so creative!

  5. Super cute! Thank you so much!!

    (I'm sitting at school craving some homemade chocolates. . .I understand the love for delicious homemade treats!!!) ;)

  6. Just discovered your blog ~ it is wonderful! Thanks for all the freebies! Blessings, Katie

  7. Awww, thanks for all the wonderful comments. I'm glad that you've found something useful! :)


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