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Monday, December 12, 2011

I made it!!!!

I don't know why I was dreading this week.  My little kiddos were just FABULOUS today. They were back to their "normal" selves---still a little chatty, but---MAN much better than last week.  It had to have been that full moon that turned my little darlings into well-----not so wonderful little darlings.  I can't say anything bad about them---even as rotten as they can be at times---I am SOOO blessed with a great, sweet class.  I'll take chatty any day as long as they are sweet! ;)

My day went pretty quick for the most part--and guess what???  I took a couple pics...nothing major, but just wanted to show y'all that I do use the things I make in my classroom lol ;)  We started out our morning with our centers.  We played

OH DEER (with sight words) This is a variation to bang.  It's available on TPT, but I also made an S-blend version that you can get here. 

We put the words in a gift bag.  (*Sidnote*  This cutie belongs to a friend/coworker--when his center group first started playing the game he said "I HATE THIS GAME.....come to find out, he kept drawing the OH DEER cards)

They were also working on sorting statements and questions. They worked as a group sorting the ornament sentences.  Then they had to each choose one statement and one question to record on their paper with proper capitalization and punctuation.  Then I allowed them to draw a picture of it on the back. (This is in my TPT store.)

Some students were working on an S-blend review game.  It's also available on TPT with a few other activities.  They were to read their word card, and state the blend.  Then roll the dice and move that many spaces. 
My other workstation/center for this week is the "mint" to be plural game that I posted a couple weeks ago.  You can click HERE to get it. 

                                              We read  these two stories.....

If you've never read the one about how the reindeer got their antlers---it's cute.  It does mention about the Maker and Angels, but it's just a really NEAT story.  We talked about reindeer, and we viewed some pictures on the projector.  Then we made reindeer fact books.  I just love how one of my little girls decorated the front of her book.  Isn't it cute????

I just love these weeks where we refrain from the basal and spelling and testing and all that other garbage...I shouldn't have said garbage, I understand it's important, but so is just loving to learn!!   I've said it before, I need FLUFF in my life.  This is educational fluff though ;)
But my whole day wasn't all fun and games with the Christmas-y stuff---Bummers!  We are working on solid shapes.  I made a shape sort.  You can click the picture below to grab it.

But seeing that it is almost Christmas---here's a short vowel/silent e sort with recording sheets.  You can click the picture below to grab it! :)

We're almost there!!!  Here's hoping that tomorrow goes just as smooth (for my SUB) ;)  How are the rest of you handling your last few days?


  1. We just learned about silent e. Thanks for the sort!
    FInally in First

  2. I just got the How Reindeer got their Antlers book in the mail yesterday! Thank you for the freebies!

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  3. Thanks so much! These will be perfect for our rotations this afternoon!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  4. I love the freebies, thank you and I'm with you. I want a little more fluff time. Some children who have a hard time being successful are during "fluff".


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