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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow----

I'm not sure who is ready for snow more--my firsties or me.  Don't get me wrong, I love my kiddos, BUT there is something wonderful about a Snow Day! :)  I hope *fingers crossed* for one before Christmas break.  Hey, don't judge people---it helps those CUH-RA-ZY days at school leading up to break go a little quicker!

I found those cute little Snow Cuties from Scrappin Doodles and just HAD to use them to make some review work for my lovelies.  Here's a sneak peak of what I made:

There are activities for syllables, s blends, compound words, and part/part/whole.  You can click the pic to see it at my TPT store.  

Now, it is getting to be Christmas, and it's all about a time for sharing---SOOOO----here's a S- blend game called Four-in-a-Row. 
********You can click the pic to download it if  you'd like.....I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you'd let me know if you downloaded and plan on using.  I see lots of download action in my stat counter--but not sure if it's just for a peek.  This will help me know if the things I am making are helpful to others too! :)  


  1. This is wonderful! I have a group of students woring on blends. This will be perfect next week.

  2. I will totally use this game next week! I also used the noun/verb game you posted last week with some of my kiddos and they really enjoyed it. I heard comments from them like - "This is so much fun!" "I love playing games." Thanks so much! I'm becoming quick the stalker! LOL

  3. I downloaded this activity and I will be using it! Perfect timing! Our 1st has been doing s blends for a couple of weeks and I am a sped teacher...so I will be using this to review and practice! :) Thanks! - - Beth

  4. Of course, we're using it! Your stuff is fabulous and GREATLY appreciated!

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  6. I will use this for sure! Thank you for posting this for free! Are you considering other blend games? The blend tr is so "tricky" for some I would love to see one for it! Thanks again for all you do!

  7. Perfect timing for me!! I love it!!! Thank you SO much for sharing:)

  8. YAY!! I'm glad others can use it!! Thanks for all the GREAT comments. :)

    @Jenalyn---I had one of my firsties tell me Friday, while playing Scoot, when I grow up I want to be a teacher just like you--and play games! :) BTW, stalk away! lol ;)

    @Kim, I posted an r blend 3-in-a-row a while back. I'm thinking there were some TR blends on it. Yep--just checked. Go here to grab it:


  9. Thanks for sharing the s blend game. It will be a great learning game for one of my students with learning difficulties in the upper grades.

  10. We just did blends in our reading series last week, so this will be a great review activity. Thanks for sharing.

    Teachin' First

  11. THANK YOU! I can't wait to print and laminate and use! I am a speech therapist -- and this year I have a ton of students working on pronouncing /s/ blends. (They all tend to leave the /s/ sound off in the beginning.) I love finding freebies that will help my kids in therapy!

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