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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EGADS--tomorrow is February

Where on EARTH did this year go?  We're about two weeks away from hundreds day...tomorrow is the first of February...I feel like I just took down my Christmas tree.  School will be over before I know it....ohh sidenote..it feels like SPRING here.  (Is it wrong I've prayed for snow days? We've had NONE, NADA, ZILCH.  I live in Ohio people---I'm supposed to have snow days!) Ahh, well, whatever, what can ya do? 

Little story for you...my daughter took market rabbits in 4H this past summer.  We told her that we'd get her a pet one (as selling them was hard on her).  Well, her one pet rabbit made my son jealous...so he got one of his own too.  The one we purchased was crippled.  We called the store and they exchanged but offered us the crippled one too...we decided why not.  One rabbit turned into 3.  I asked the pet store to make sure they were all girls.  They assured me they were whenever we checked out with one, though I thought differently.  Whatever...they are supposed to know this stuff right?  So we have a lionhead dwarf named Lilly, a New Zealand dwarf named Snowball, and a Netherland dwarf named Daisy---which we have now changed to Dave.  Yep....we found that out the hard way when our daughter came downstairs and said there's something little and squiggly in the cage.  We had NO CLUE she was pregnant, plus our rabbits were supposed to be all girls.  SOOO---3 babies (we lost one :( ) and 3 rabbits....LORD HELP US! 

Okay, how 'bout some freebies?  Here's a February word bank and a few journal prompts. Click the bear picture below to grab it.

Or for my Treasures Reading Series friends....here's a few worksheets/questions to go with the guided books of Unit 4.1 (Pelican Was Hungry).  You can click the picture below to grab them.

Here's hoping to a less eventful evening tomorrow ;)


  1. Thank you again for the freebies! I can't believe how fast the year has gone! February will be such a busy month!

  2. LOVE your February words and journal prompts!! THANK YOU so much for sharing:)


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