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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Been a while----

Wow, I feel like I've neglected all my fabulous followers!  I haven't posted (other than the TpT sale) for almost a week.  Where has my time gone? Quick update....My kiddos are healthy now...the baby rabbit (the one we were trying to save) didn't make it :( .....and I've been pooped since the week of Valentine's Day...so pooped in fact that I haven't spent more than 20 minutes on pinterest in the past week! EGADS!! I know, right?  Bear with me wonderful people--I hope to get back to a routine by summer soon.

OHHH, guess what????? I purchased a freebie license from Scrappin Doodles!  YAY!  More goodies to share with you Soon! :)  But in the meantime, if you wanted to visit my store and see what I'm posting, that would be FABULOUS (okay that sounded so much cooler in my head!).  While you're there, if you wanted to click that little follow me button, I won't be complain' ;)  Don't forget there is also a GREAT sale going on for Leap Day. 

Okay, about a week ago, I posted a little spin and graph game---I, unfortunately, made a couple mistakes. I fixed them and you can grab you a new set by clicking on the picture below.

For my Treasures followers, here is a simple story review sheet for Little Rabbit.You can click the picture below to grab it.
So many people are doing GREAT Dr. Seuss stuff and have so many wonderful ideas, that I didn't make any.  However, since tomorrow is the last day of February, here's an activity you may want to do.  I hope to be making lions and lambs tomorrow in class, and having the students make predictions about March weather.  Here's a graph to go with it! :)


  1. LOVE doing this activity before March! Will you post your little Lions and Lambs?? Is it a craftivity??

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have some lion lamb stuff you might like! Sundays post.

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Cute graph:) I like the coin spinner too. How did you get coin graphics,did you scan the coins?
    Good luck with your sale!

  4. DeAnne, I'm your newest follow and so glad I found that spinner for money from you. I was going to have to make one this weekend. You saved me.

  5. Can't wait to use that graph next week. I am your newest follower.

    Tickled to Teach


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