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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If at first you don't succeed

We all know that saying...so tomorrow, we will try again.  I swear I've worked on place value for AGES....but maybe I'm just getting old and all my years are running together?  Anyhoo--my kiddos had a hard time with 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less with our math lesson.  I tried showing it by modeling, using a hundreds chart, looking for patterns in the numbers--but about 1/4 of my firsties looked at me and just smiled. I've seen those smiles....I said, "Do you get it" They just smiled back and told me no.  So back to trying again tomorrow.  Anyone have any GREAT suggestions on teaching this?  I've been out of first for a while, so I'm open to suggestions.  I hate when my little guys don't get something.  I want them all to feel successful. 

I made up this worksheet for extra practice.  You can click on the image to grab it. (Gotta love those cupcakes!!)

I also want to let you in on a FABULOUS giveaway. Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle  has a BUNCH of Awesome goodies for you.  Make sure you check it out! :) 


  1. I think it is the year because mine are not getting it either. Except they say "yes" we get it and then noooooo they DON'T! lol

  2. I made the mistake of teaching them to use the number grid and slide their fingers up or down for the add or subtract ten. Some of them get it but, like you said, some didn't and now those that didn't are doing the sliding up and down thing when I say add or subtract 1! Ugh. I'm totally taking this though. Love it!

    First in Maine

  3. Manipulatives - either linking cubes for one more/less or rods for 10 more/less. Today we did 1 m/l with a partner with linking cubes. Partner 1 laid down some 10s and some 1s and ask how much is this - then partner 2 would add one, return to the original number and then take one away and tell what one more/one less was. Is this clear - this is why I don't have a blog!! I'm not good at explaining things sometimes! Tomorrow we are going to do the same but with the rods for 10 m/l. It is soooo hard for them! We have it in our curriculum right at the beginning of the year and then again now and then once more near the end. Good luck!!

  4. Such a super cute freebie! Definitely going into rotation in my classroom! Thanks!!!

    Check out this activity that I do with my littles. It might help. Might. :)

    Good luck, friend! Ten more/ten less/one more/one less is KILLER for most littles. I just gave our final test for this topic, and wowzers. We'll be doing some serious review.

    Oh My Little Classity Class


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