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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

Goodness gracious, it is 89 here in my part of Ohio....89!!!  This is the first day of spring people---not the first day of summer!  Surely Mother Nature is all confused...I won't knock this beautiful day she's given me....but it just depresses me to know that I'm spending it inside--instead of swimming!!  Ahh---summer break--I can't wait.  Yes, I said summer...... ;)  It's getting there!

I can also tell that we're nearing the end of our school year because my kiddos are running out of supplies.  The way my building did it this year, they were to be shared supplies.  I know some of you do shared supplies and it works out great for you.  I guess I'm torn as a parent.  I don't want to be supplying them for someone else to use them (and then they not bring in their own---ohh that irritates me--but that's a whole other topic!) So, when my kiddos brought in their HUGE supply this year, I put them in baggies and put them in my cabinets and only pulled stuff out when THEY needed it themselves.  It's worked out GREAT, but now they are in need of more supplies.  I didn't want to fill out numerous papers for their supplies, so I made a quick note for them today.  All they had to do was circle what they were out of and stick it in their homework folders----I'm anxious to see if I have firsties with new glue sticks tomorrow! :)  Here's my paper I used.

Yes, there are even scissors on that paper.  Not sure how they've lost scissors (when school supplies don't leave our room---I don't think they grow legs and walk away, do they?)

The other thing I wanna talk to you all about is game websites.  Can you help my list grow?  Here are some that my kiddos have seemed to enjoy throughout this school year.


I found out about this one today! :)

Plus there's also pbs kids, scholastic, and national geographic.  Would you like to leave a comment on your favorite game site? :)  Would love to extend my list.


  1. Have you tried xtramath.org?

    Not exactly a game, but it tracks students math facts progress and it's free!

  2. My school just go a subscription to tumble books where the books are read to the kids.
    there is another one called www.storylineonline.net and celebrities read the stories to the kids as you see them sitting back in an easy chair with the book in front of them. It's very cute.

  3. My school has a paid subscription with www.tickettoread.com. It's a site that assesses the child then starts the lessons on their level in reading phonics and comprehension. We have seen great improvement with students using this program. My 4 year old son is able to navigate through it with little help. We use it k-5 at our school.

  4. Thanks for sharing the websites. I wish it had been 89 degrees here today. It seems wrong that you have that temp and here in California it was only in the 60's. Please enjoy it for me.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  5. Hi DeAnne,
    I love your little stickers. Those are so much nicer than what I use. I don't have homework booklets, but I guess I could stick them to their foreheads -- ha ha!
    Don't feel too badly about the weather. It SNOWED here today (only for 5 minutes), but STILL, this is Victoria we're talking about here. THe flower capital of the world.

    Grade ONEderful

  6. What a smart idea for the supplies! I love it! It's getting very hot here too :/

  7. Thanks for sharing the sites!

    OHMYWORD! I totally hear you on the supplies! Doesn't it bug you? We run through glue sticks like crazy. Pencils?! gosh don't let me get started. And my kiddos can never keep track of their black crayons, it just drives me insane!

    I'm with you counting down to summer ;0

    Color Me Kinder


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