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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Blahs

I never realized just how much I love those snow days, until now.  We have used NONE!  I live in Ohio people!! I'm supposed to have snow days! I like getting those phone calls saying, "Due to inclimate weather, school is cancelled."  But NADA, this year, zero, zilch, none---that really stinks.  Not so much I want out of school (okay, maybe that's it a little), but I'm a big kid at heart.  I didn't get to use my snowman building kit, or cool sled, or anything.  Now spring is just around the corner.....and I've got the blahs.  Maybe that's why I chilled out on posting, and reading blogs of my favorite peeps, and pinning.....OHHH speaking of pinning.  You totally have permission to pin.  I know there's some talk about pinning, but pin away away on my blog! :)

Okay, so what have I been up to in the classroom?  Well, for 100s day, I never got to make those cute little 100 year old people from Finally in First.  So we made them when we started talking about Ben Franklin in our Reading series.  We talked about how things have changed through the years.  I wanted them to write what they thought the world would be like 100 years from now.  Here's a couple pictures of their people and their writing.

Their ideas about holograms, cars floating, seeing your friends while playing on the X-box surprised me with the thought they put into it! :)

I'm going to back track to our 100's day.  We had so much going on with our food drive for Valentine's Day, that we didn't get to do much celebrating.  I know I posted about the YUMMY oreos--here's what they look like:

They were FAB-U-LOUS!!!  OH my----they were yummy and smelled so good....they also had great little 100s on each one.  Here's our quick little snack that we did:

Then last week, we did some little things on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. There were so many great things floating around on Pinterest the past month, but I couldn't get it all in. We did the Venn Diagram I made (it's posted here), and I combined some of the ideas of the cute little George Washington's that I've seen all over bloggy world.  Mind you, I am NOT creative nor artistic.  My poor kiddos have learned to love my drawings though! :)  Here are a couple of our George pictures.

They are definitely their creations--and they are ADORABLE! :)  This week, my talented and loving Co-worker, who can draw (well she says she can't draw, but can cut anything up to make a pattern--regardless I'm TOTALLY jealous), did our cat in the hat craft.  They turned out pretty cute.  Here's a sample of them.

Yesterday, Barbara from Grade Onederful, came to my rescue as we worked on lion and lambs.  We predicted how March would roll in--like a lion, or like a lamb.  We made a class pictograph, and transferred it to a bar graph.  The students worked on one as I modeled it for them.  Then we answered questions based on our graph.  You can click here to get my class graph.  Here's a picture of our pictograph and our lion and lamb craft--thank you Scholastic.

These simple crafts sure have made my kids motivated with getting our work done.  They enjoy making them---I enjoy doing them. It's a win-win for all ;)

Ohh and my little kitten wanted to be posted too! :)
Is he not adorable? :) This is Mario--and he's cute and ROTTEN! 

Big thanks to those of you who purchased during the TpT sale. I have some new items posted and my sale is running through the rest of the day.  If you wanted to take a look, become a TpT follower, well that would be great! :)


  1. We haven't had any snow days either - it's craziness! Today was our first delay. Those Oreos look delish! And I really like your cat in the hat projects.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Great projects! And very cute kitty cat.

    Grade ONEderful

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your kitten is soooo cute!
    I've also given you the One Lovely Blog Award. Hope you'll pop by and check it out!
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  5. What great ideas!!! Love the 100 year old people:) TOO CUTE!!



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