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Monday, April 23, 2012

OO-- These are the bully brothers!

I am so proud of my students and how well they are performing.  I can't say enough how much I love the Phonics Dance (and no, there's no connection between me and the AWESOME Ginny Dowd).  I just truly believe that my students have learned/do learn from it.

Our phonics pattern this week is oo (the short sound).  We took a spelling pretest today and they did AWESOME!!  They only need to practice a few "trick words" this week, and I know they will do well.

This is a CUH-RAZY week in my building as the OAA's are given in my district/state.  That means schedule changes and being UBER quiet.  My students miss out on their specials (my planning time) for the next 4 days.  Our intervention time is also cancelled----so if I'm like not around blogging---it's because I have fallen on the couch and passed out.  These are going to be some long days with my littles without having a break----God help me (and them!)

With that said, I am posting my oo goodies for you now! ;)  But first, let me tell  you how I do the Treasures Phonics/Spelling for the week.

On Mondays, I give my students a spelling pretest.  I do this to see what words they know, and they also like to know what words then know.  I give them the test, AFTER we do our Phonics Dance and discuss the chunk of the week.  After the pretest, students take out a crayon and correct their words as we go along.  We underline the vowel pattern for the week, and look for other hunks and chunks in our words.

On Tuesdays, I give them a sort page.  I like using picture sorts because they have to listen for the sounds versus using word sorts where they match up the letters, though sometimes I do still use word sorts--especially if it's a crazy pattern.  This week, seeing that we're only focusing on one sound of oo, I have created a worksheet where they will match the picture to the word.  They will then choose one of the words to write into a sentence.  

On Wednesdays, we do a Making Words lesson.  I did a post on making words HERE.  I really do enjoy doing the making words activities with my students.  They seriously LOVE them too.  I'm not sure what it is about it, but all classes for the past 3 years I've been doing it this way get all excited for this activity (both my first and second grade classes).  By the way, the picture you see below is not the same as in my Vowel Pair Making Words on TpT.  This one is just for using with the Treasures words. 

On Thursdays, we do word shape boxes and riddles.  Sometimes we do little doodle loop activities where students read sentences and draw what the sentences are about.  I like doing this because they are actually reading the words for meaning, not just vowel sounds.  

Then on Friday we have our spelling test, and students write dictation sentences using high frequency words and words from our word list. 

I hope that gives you some insight on how I use the worksheets I create.  If you would like to use them, you can click the image below to grab you the whole set.  If you would take the time to leave a comment, I would be ever so happy. 


  1. Thanks, They look great! I'm saving these for next year. We are in thf 4th week of unit 6 this week.


  2. What is your phonics dance? Is it associated with a specific curriculum or something you just found.

  3. I LOVE the things you make to go along with the phonics dance!!!! It's amazing how it helps the kids read and write!!!!!

    Amy Burton

  4. These are great! My kids need this so I need to think of words.

    How do you make the handwriting lines for your making words page where they write the words created.

  5. thank you for sharing. I love that you do the same thing each week...we don't have a reading basal or "series" and have created our own scope/sequence for our phonics lessons.

  6. Thanks SO much! Doing this lesson right now in Treasures. Can't wait to use this!

  7. Oh i love them! We are working on this next week and this will fit in perfectly! Thank you SO MUCH!!!


  8. Just found your oo words! Thanks! I'll be using it with my kinder kiddos next week. I teach the high reading class and this will be super helpful!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been struggling with new ways to teach some of the phonics sounds. This is really helpful!

  10. This layout is awesome! SO wishing I would have found it sooner. We use treasures and are trying to decide how to incorporate it with our new currisulum guidelines. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thank you! These are awesome activities that engage students. I love using hands-on learning with my students.


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