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Friday, June 1, 2012


So, summer break officially started for me 5 1/2 hours ago----and here I sit thinking about next year and things I can work on over the summer.  I need to find an "off" switch on my brain so I can SLEEP!!  I am WAY WAY TOO YOUNG to have dark circles and bags under my eyes.  Hopefully, I can relax a little and sleep in (Is 6:30 am sleeping in?)

We will be headed to the beach Monday--I KNOW that will help me!  Ohh and tomorrow is my son's Birthday...he will be 6!  AND, tomorrow is also my  11th anniversary----my husband joked and said 6 years ago that I got him an alarm clock for our anniversary, but nonetheless two happy occasions in my life to celebrate. So after all the excitement in this household over the weekend, Monday is a perfect day to head off for vacation! ;)

So, when I go on vacation, I write lists.  Lists of where I want to go, lists of what I want to see, lists of what I want to do---I do the same thing for housework.  Things that need done NOW, and things that can wait.  I write lists when I'm making copies at work, projects I want to work on, movies I want to see---You name it, I have a list for it.  I think my lists have lists.  Sooo--last night I made a page to record my summer to do lists on.  You can click the picture below to grab it.

Here are some of the things I have on my to do list.


                                                      Source: marthastewart.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

                                                      Source: cathlincooks.blogspot.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: joythebaker.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

                                                             Source: funkybear.wordpress.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

A Grandparent's Gift for Christmas (Summer is a great time to work on projects like that!)
                                                        Source: ashleyannphotography.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

To help organize my desk (at home or school), I want to give these a go:
                                                              Source: frugalfamilyfunblog.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

                                                              Source: familyfun.go.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

Suggested Books to Read:
                                                          Source: search.barnesandnoble.com via DeAnne on Pinterest

                                                            Source: libguides.washburn.edu via DeAnne on Pinterest

Yes, I know the above books are kids books, but I'm looking for light reading this summer! ;)

So what about you? Have you found any pins that you just have to make?


  1. I blogged about my to-do list earlier... trying to kick myself into gear. I have a bunch of ideas in my head, but it has been hard to decide what to do first!

    Every New Beginning

  2. I'm a list person, too. It makes me feel organized -- ha ha!

    Grade ONEderful
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