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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making Memories

I recently found a quote that just hit home for me.  I thought I'd share it with all of you.
When I saw this quote, I just stopped--and thought--OH. MY. GOSH!!  How true is this!!  I mean it makes sense, I know, but it just really put my life into perspective. 

Most of you know that my family is always priority...but this summer, I think I've been a tad bit dedicated to TpT.   I feel like I've neglected some of my mommy duties, especially after reading that quote. 

Last night, I took some time to browse through some of the site the quote originated from.  WOWSERS!!  Lots of great quotes....I am a quote addict.  Love 'em!!  There's always some quote that can sum it all up!  Here are a few I've come across that really hit home for me.

I think sometimes we get caught up into other things, that we can forget (or lose site of) some VERY important things.  

A few years ago, we started doing a back to school countdown two weeks before school started.  We would do a different activity each day, leading up to the last day before school.  (My husband is also a teacher, so it was all family time!)  We would go hiking, geocaching, the zoo, etc. Last year, we had a surprise trip to Disney before we went back to school.  It was great. 

This year, I'm starting my back to school count down EARLY.  Not because I'm trying to rush summer, but because I want to make sure that I'm enjoying my summer with my kiddos! :) 

We've already taken a vacation...though I'm secretly hoping someone will surprise ME with a Disney trip.....a girl can dream! :) 

So how else are we making memories? 
Shopping (okay, so they don't like this one as much---but it's bonding time I tell ya)
AND how cool are these musical birthday cupcakes!!! :)

Build-a-Bear (how many stuffed animals does one kid need?)

Softball Games
My daughter played---my son just sat there looking like this:
All four top teeth are gone!! He resembles a vampire when he smiles now!

Hubby likes to make sure he's happy and content too---he's all about the food.
You may have seen this on Man vs. Food as a place that was visited (not a competition).  It's the Thurminator located at Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio---yes people that's a LOT of burger!!!  My hubby enjoyed every last bit!!  LOL

Today was kind of a lazy day.  We spent our afternoon making cookies.
 After the 3rd dozen...we decided to make them JUMBO!!  They are now all in the freezer!

So there ya have it.  Life is short.  Love the ones your with.  Take a break and enjoy life.  I honestly believe that teachers are one of (if not THE) hardest working people.  Make sure you enjoy what's left of your summer!!  In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions for family fun, we have about a month left to fill up! :)  Would love to hear some ideas! :)


  1. I love that happiness quote. I'm trying hard to relax and enjoy what little of summer is left too. Have a big trip planned and then back to the classroom. Your husband ate THAT burger? It's the biggest I've ever seen!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. We used to pack up our pop-up and take full two week vacations in the summer. You know the kind when you lose track of what day of the week it is? Now the kids are in college and with their summer jobs we were only able to find 3 days when we could coordinate our schedules. Enjoy the time you have now-it only gets harder as they grow. Love that quote.
    Make, Take and Teach

  3. Thank you for sharing your pics and the reminder! Now off to plan a day of fun with my little ones! :)
    Crayons & Curls

  4. I love that happiness quote! I think I'm going to use some fun letters and put it somewhere in my classroom....just as a reminder for all who stop by! :) The memories one got to me too this morning! Off to make some memories of my own today!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  5. Thanks for the great quotes. I am guilty as charged about spending too much time getting ready for school and not enough time with those who matter most! I've got to make the most of what little time is left before we head back!


  6. Thanks for sharing the happiness quote. I need to take it to heart and remember it throughout the school year. With all the pressures and expectations on us, we could work nearly every hour of every day. However, we need to remember that we have other duties and priorities in this life too! It's also a lesson I'm trying to teach my teenagers. Most of our children today have so much more than we did as children. For some children, it's hard to understand that the real treasures in this life aren't our possessions, but instead they are our relationships!!!

  7. Very insightful. It's nice to be reminded of things like this from time to time. :) I love this quotes! I think I may print them and hang them in my classroom!

  8. Those quotes are great and so true!

    I'm only a couple of hours from Columbus. I'll have to take my hubby to that cafe. He LOVES a good burger! :)



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