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Monday, August 27, 2012

WHEW!!!!----Just hodgepodge!

I am such a bad blogger....I have neglected this little thing a lot during the summer.  I did have a great time with all of you on Facebook with the product giveaways!!  So, here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to the past few weeks.  

Some of you know that my daughter was in 4H.  She went to state with one of her projects.  We didn't place there, but being there in the first place was quite an honor. This was just her 2nd year in 4H, and look how awesome she was:
 This was her award for her state project.  She's the cutie in the purple, not the glare! ;)  
She's always shown receiving her award...looking all country bumpkinish! ;)
  She won 2nd with her coffee cake. (We told her there were only two entries--aren't we supportive parents?)  There were quite a few entries! ;)  Like momma--like daughter!
 This is her poster/project for her Pet Rabbit project.  We did Market Rabbits last year, and well, apparently that's just so sad....so we HAD to get her a pet rabbit.  YEAH? 
(Notice the hint of sarcasm? )  She did win Judge's choice on this as well!  WOOT WOOT!

Then we decided we HAD to have a camper....Darling Daughter has decide that since she had a good year at the fair this time----she needs to try to get back into market animals....SOOO

 And of course we had to try it out---so we went to one of our local state parks---and we LOVE hiking...so what a weekend we had!!  Notice the MASSIVE tree in the woods....I don't think I've ever found a tree so HUGE locally.  Pretty impressive.

 The view was AMAZING...so relaxing.  Definitely the best way to to say goodbye to summer.  OHH, and I always have a great time when I'm with hubby----he always makes me laugh..he keeps me calm (which is a good thing because I REALLY should've been in my classroom working--but family comes first ALWAYS)

So that takes me to our first week of school-----and just because I think they are adorable.....here are my kiddos on the first day of school! :)

Now back on track......where am I??? OHH yes.....HERE
Yep, that picture sums it up!!!  Today is only day four!  I'm going to need another vacation just to get rested up.  Thank goodness there's a long weekend coming our way. 

 This was me over the weekend.  Can I say that it was a jammies weekend...yes, I said weekend, don't judge me! I was feeling very blah.  Headaches, stiff neck, fatigue...I Web MD'ed myself.....not a good idea.  I'm always worst case scenario chic!  

Luckily for me (seeing how I WAS NOT getting out of my jammies) I can pull all of our curriculum up online so I could plan.  Not to mention all the teacher goodies I have from friends, and TpT.  Made planning a lot easier....OHHH and my little laminator....WHAT a lifesaver!

Look at that pile of papers----and no, I wasn't going to laminate it all, but I did print all of that yesterday (IN THE COMFORT OF MY JAMMIES!)  I took all my papers and sorted them like so:
Then I realized I had a LOT of stuff to laminate, but again, I was in my jammies, so whatevs! :)  (By the way, I don't laminate all my center pages.  I put the cover sheet and directions inside of a page protector.  After everything is laminated and cut apart, I put all the playing cards, pieces, whatever inside of a zip sandwich bag, and then drop them inside of the page protector as well.)  That little laminator is AWESOME!!  Honestly Peeps, if you are looking for a time saver...it was worth the $30.  It works GREAT!

It was a good day I spent the weekend resting up because today was the first day with KINDERS!!  OY!  Kindergarten teachers, GOD BLESS YOU!!!!  For some reason, every year (for AT LEAST the past FIVE), I get stuck on recess duty the first few weeks of school.  We are on a 3 week rotation.  That means I do recess duty for 3 weeks, then cafeteria duty for 3 weeks, and we rotate.  Fabulous people, let me tell you, RECESS DUTY STINKS!!  It's not so bad when the 2nd rotation comes around, but the first two-three weeks...OY!  I think I needed a lasso to round them all up.  Just when I thought I had them herded, low and behold there were MORE wondering off.  Here's a conversation I had with one:

ME:  Honey, it's time to line up.  
ME:  Because recess is over and it's time to go back in.
STUDENT:  I'm walking home!

(If only it were that easy! Believe me, I'd join him in the walking home part lol)
Then I heard another student say "I'm quitting this school!"  I was on a roll, dontcha think? 

It took FIFTEEN minutes to get them all lined up!! FIFTEEN minutes----here's hoping to a better tomorrow!! 

I did manage to get somethings done with my class today (Thankfully they do line up when it's time!)

We read the Little Engine that Could.   We tied it into our 7 Habits.   Students then wrote something they think they can do.  (Can you believe I had a bunch in my room that hadn't heard that story?  It was always one of my favorite bedtime stories before I started Kindergarten/1st Grade)

 We did a Making Words Activity.  This was difficult to get started with my group this year.  I just did a basic CvC page with short a.  (Look at my little cutie with her nails all polished!) ;)
 Our Splats took almost 2 days to complete.  We started it in the afternoon one day, and finished it the next.  We read the story, and discussed characters, setting, problem, and solution.  Love how the Splats turned out.  They definitely had their own unique characteristics! :)

 So far I have a sweet group of kids.....though they are VERY chatty!!   Here's hoping to a quick week, because again, I'm already in my jammies.  I think that they are becoming my BFF!!! 

I still need to post an AFTER video or pictures on my classroom.  I'm hoping to do that soon---there are days we have no breaks (specials) and it makes for a LONG day.  So on those days, I"m doing good to know my own name when my day is over!! 

I hope you are all having a great year so far....and hopefully you made it through my big long post!


  1. I have recess duty (40 mins in morning and 15 at lunch) everyday.....This year's Kinders are well a handful! I had one decide to hide in the building, the first day, and then today one decided that he just didn't need recess ....so he stayed inside eating.....OY.....draining....I too stayed in my jammies most of the weekend......Glad to hear I am not alone ....

  2. Ahh, that first week is a killer!! I can't imagine what it is like getting Kinders into a routine. Our school has seperate recesses so I never see the ones;) Take lots of Vitamin C and get your rest!! Love your cats, absolutely adorable:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Ah, yes, Family should always come first, but as I am returning to work and having to sort out a rather muddled up classroom, it is as much school as is possible for me (with kids in tow, does that count?)
    My first week will be next week!!! Looking forward to it, but not the tiredness! Hang on in there, I am sure I will join the 'work in pj' group before long!

  4. I'm the newest follower to your great blog!! Tales from outside the classroom sent me. Love your giveaway on her blog! Thank you!



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