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Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Blues....

There's something bittersweet about these long weekends.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to recover from what has seemed like the longest school year ever already. However, I feel like I had my kiddos somewhat on task Thursday (Yes, Thursday---my kiddos had a 4 day week due to an inservice for us on Friday---that only makes it worse) and now, after this long weekend, I'm back to square one.  On the plus side, there's only 4 days this week---and then I get to get them back on task all over again!!  YAY! Ohh, this isn't sarcasm in my voice (*typing*), it's just honesty.

I honestly love my job---I really do---but I feel like I'm faced with some big challenges this year, and I am coming home EXHAUSTED! So, this weekend was really nice to spend some time camping, walking on trails, resting, relaxing, and trying to not think about school......but here it is Monday night, and I have no lesson plans!  EGADS!! Some days you just wing it! LOL!

I've been thinking about the ability of my kiddos.  I have one (only one) who is about an end of 2nd/beginning 3rd grade reading level, and some (a handful) who don't recognize their alphabet letters.  Talk about a HUGE gap.  The majority are just a tad behind due to the summer slide, so I think they will catch up.  Twenty-three kiddos, no aides, no volunteers, and 2 days without breaks (no specials for the kiddos) equals a lot of prayers please.  I can do this---but I'm so used to having an aide for 30 minutes (Hey, that 30 minutes adds up and is very helpful!)  I know some have a lot more than that in their classrooms, so I will just hush! :)

Then, there's our math series.  We use Envisions Math, but the district didn't get us the little work booklets this year.   Sure, we can use manipulatives, and do the work on the board/Mimio, but they have to use pencil and paper work somewhere----but when you go to print it to the copier, WOW, so tiny.  Sooo----I guess that means pulling what resources I have purchased and/or made. 

Okay, I'm just complaining I know----but if people just asked me how to do things!! HAHA!!  Yes, if I were in charge of the world-------

Now, where was I?  Ohh, let's just forget that.....how about some freebies for morning work/homework/practice? 

Here we go--as I said, I was thinking about the ability of my kiddos.  Do you remember this that I made earlier this summer?

My students will be doing this as a small group activity/workstation, but I also wanted something independent so I could monitor their learning.  I felt that it was too much to have a recording sheet for them right now, so I came up with a cut and paste sort. 
Then that sort led to me to the ones that didn't recognize their capital and lowercase letters.
Since I was on a roll (and I don't have math worksheets), that led me to the first part of our math lessons...spatial recognition and number correspondence.  
You can click **HERE** to get the worksheets. 

One thing before I sign off----am I the only one that wonders what the world would be like if I were in charge?  Please tell me I'm not! :)


  1. Hey everybody needs to vent every once in a while right? Lol. Great worksheets!!!

  2. Girl, I would LOVE to send you my Envisions workbooks! I moved to Saxon and since we're still in adoption I still get them but don't use! Wonder how much it would cost to send them to you media mail?????

  3. Thanks for the freebies. You are by no means the only one wonders what would happen if we were in charge! I hope that you have a good year and that your kiddos "catch up" to where they need to be!!!


  4. Thank you so much. I feel the same way sometimes. My husband says that I say the same thing every year and in a few weeks, there will be a flow in my room. Thanks for the freebies!!!

  5. Back to school blues:( Don't worry, you're not the only one! I feel like I'm up to my ears with Common Core and balanced assessments. Lesson planning has been a nightmare for me and I was so glad I only had to plan for a four day week this week. (and my poor little blog has been neglected for a month :( ) Hang in there! In a few more weeks we'll be back into a nice groove and maybe things won't seem so stressful.
    How Cute Is This!

  6. I love your freebies AND your blog! You're amazing!

  7. Thanks for the freebies. I always complain that they didn't ask my opinion before making the crazy decisions they make. I also teach 3rd grade. I have 30 this year. No aide and no specials. We have a new math program. They didn't buy teacher manuals. We can access them online. So not convenient or very usable. But I suppose we'll all get through and even teach something in the process. Good luck to you.

  8. I love it that you are so honest! If teachers had just a little bit of say in what went on, imagine what it would be like?! Maybe you should run for President. I would vote for you!!!!!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  9. Great freebies! I am with you...with all the changes in education, it's hard to keep positive all the times!!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  10. So glad to know that I am not the only one who feels like I do about school right now. We will make it a great year in the end!

  11. Thanks for the freebies! It's the third week of school for us, and I still don't feel like I have my bearings. Does it always take this long? Or is this an especially bad year for me? Not sure, but I could have written your blog post word for word. You aren't alone!

  12. Back to school blues have almost taken around more of the details which students needed to understand and hopefully with the time it will give them more rise. proofreading exercises


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