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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MIA---but I have a freebie! :)

Hey guys!  I'm so sorry that I've been MIA lately.  The best way to describe it is----DRAINED!  I love(d) my job, but there's some uncertainties that are overwhelming me this year.  I won't get into all of it, but it really stinks when what you thought you've been doing right---for FOURTEEN years, you find out just how wrong you are!  What do I know?  I'm just a teacher...I don't make the big bucks.  I don't get to dish out the orders.  Ooops--I said I wasn't going to get into it, but UGH!  Since when did it quit being about the kids?  Isn't school supposed to be a place they want to come back too???? What happened to the fun of guided reading and workstations?  That's my thing peeps!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching phonics/reading/strategies.  Again, what do I know---I'm just a little person. 

The thing is....I take all this home with me.  I love(d) my job so much that I spend BOOKOO (is that a word--urban dictionary thinks it is, so we'll go with it!) hours on making things for my classroom, trying to do what's best for my students.  Then I stress out because I am having a hard time doing what I think is best for my students vs. what I'm told is best.  Let me tell ya friends....there is such a thing as Stress Induced High Blood Pressure.  I'm living it right now....so I'm not usually one to voice my own concerns on here regarding health---BUT, I'm a believer in the power of prayer--so if you are too, I wouldn't mind you throwing my name out there in your next prayer to the Man above. 

Anyways.....let's get to the good stuff, and I'll *try* to maintain a Positive Polly attitude that you all have come to know and love!!  Yes, you love me!! I know ya do! :) 

I was going to do a classroom tour for ya all, but here we are 18 days into my school year....I'm too pooped to video at the end of the day (and my, oh my, you would NOT want to see my classroom after a day of my little ones).  I was going to post pictures of our centers that we are working on, but I'll save that one for the next time.  SOOO----how about I share with you a new math packet?

I made a math packet that went with Envision Math a few weeks ago. 
Yes, I see that it says Envisions...forgive me. You can click the link below to grab that freebie.

Tonight I finished up Unit 3---or we'll just call it an Introduction to Addition.  A few of you asked if I was making anymore to go with the series.  So, I did, and I posted it tonight in the store for $2.  There's about 16 pages of material (Work/Centers/Recording Sheets) in the packet.  
You can click the picture to head over to TpT to see some preview pages.  
You can click HERE for a free sample of the product.

One more thing I wanted to share with you.  Our phonics skill this week is short i.  Last year I started making phonics pages around November, so I missed out on doing this routine with the first part of the reading series.  Below is a picture of a short i page.  Students will name the picture, fill in the word shape, and then write the word on the lines provided.  **The word kick is in the reading books, and we also have added the sound 'ck' to our phonics dance.  For those of you that do Wilson's Fundations, it will help in that regard too.

Click the picture for your "morning work." :)

Hope you enjoyed a few of the freebies.  If so, I'd love some love left below!!  :) 
 Happy almost Hump Day! :)


  1. I am sorry you are having a hard time. I know how this is. It has been one of the worst years for me so far as well.

  2. I just saw one of those quote pictures on facebook that seems appropo..."there's no tired like teacher tired at the beginning of the year." I soooo agree!!

    Thanks for the freebie! Downloaded and will use this week. :-)

    If you have a moment (ha ha!) to enter my Thirty One Giveaway I'd be honored...
    Growing Firsties

  3. Keep your chin up! Your heart is in the right place!!!! You are in my thoughts!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. Thank you for the freebie! I love this worksheets you made! I used them whenever I could last year with the long vowels!

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  6. I feel for you. It drives me crazy that people who have never or rarely set foot in a classroom have the power to drive what we do. It just doesn't make sense and it baffles me that no one seems to understand this.
    Hang in there. You're not alone:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers


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