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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 in '12--My Favorites

Kristen (AKA Teeny Tiny Teacher) and Hadar (AKA Miss Kindergarten) are doing their end of the year linky party.  Last year it was 11 in '11.  This year it's 12 in '12.  Cute huh? :)

I had to look back at my 11 in '11.  A lot happens in a year, doesn't it? I even saw my old button on the linky party.  Thank you Kristen for designing my blog.  It is just beautiful! :)    It was nice to look back on the old linky and think how this year went, to see if I accomplished anything, to see if I met my goals.  Wow, what an eye opener!  Time goes so quickly!

Okay, here are my 12 in '12!! :)

12) Favorite Movie Watched:

We usually watch more TV than movies---and when we do watch movies, it's generally during Christmas break---BUT, I actually have two.

One was released last year, but we rarely go to the movies (Do you know how expensive that is???  AND I *HAVE* to have popcorn and a drink ya know!) ;)
We watched Contagion this spring on DVD.  I am in LOVE with Matt Damon.  Yes, hubby knows this and has learned to deal with it. 
The other one WAS released in 2012.  I love humor (and unfortunately sometimes that humor is raunchy).  I love the American Pie movies (don't judge)!

11) Favorite TV series---OHH MY!!  You should see my DVR box right now because there are SOO many and I can't keep up with them.

My favorite is Two Broke Girls. It was my favorite last year too.  LOVE this show!!

10) Favorite Restaurant--I have to say that I'm still partial to ANYTHING that the Disney restaurants  cook up, but I tried a new (new to me anyway) Pizza Place this past weekend....uhm, HEAVEN! We usually just stick to our old favorites when we go out, but I wanted something different...so glad we did because I LOVE the chicken BLT!!
By the way, any place where we don't have to cook and clean up the mess is HEAVENLY!!!

9) Favorite New Thing I Tried--besides new foods as mentioned above?  Camping with my family.  Growing up, my family really never took "family vacations" but we did go camping quite often.  Those are some of my favorite memories.  I wanted to make the same memories with my family----SOO:
We bought a camper.  I so loved my weekends this fall and am ready for the spring!!  We enjoyed the Halloween Campout at our local state park as well.  Also a new favorite---and now going to be a yearly tradition!!
Yes, the campsite is decorated.  You would not believe how all out some families go.  It was a blast!

8) Favorite Gift you Got---I woke up on my birthday with this made by my daughter.  She made a cupcake box, and placed cupcakes inside it.  How cute, right??

7) Favorite Thing I Pinned---Have you checked out my Sweet Treats board on pinterest?  How do I pick just one?  I do love quotes though, so I will show you one that I really love!

6) Favorite Blog Post----Without a Doubt, my Nailed It post about Getting my Craft on!

You can click the picture to see my post!

5) Best Accomplishment----No matter what year it is, no matter what else I do---my best accomplishments will always be:
My kids!!!

4) Favorite Picture--These were both on the same day---I love the action shot of them running and playing at Jockey Ridge.  Then of course, y'all needed a picture of me (HAHAHA, you're welcome) :)

3) Favorite Memory--
     I honestly can't pick just one.  Every day that God blesses me to spend another day on Earth, is another day of memories.  Every day that I get to wake up to my husband and my kids is a day of unexpected adventures to come.  

2) Goal for 2013---
       Trying to figure out how to make this happen:

1) One little word---

Yes, it's that simple, yet so powerful.

 *Let people help if they offer.  I have such an I can do it all by myself attitude.  I have such a hard time letting people help.  It's not that I think that I do it better, I just hate causing extra work for anyone.
*Let it be or let it go.  Some things in life, you can't change.  Let it go, and don't stress.
*Don't LET it get you down.  There are too many positives in life to focus on. Don't worry about the small things.
*Let yourself be happy.  
*Let mistakes happen.  We are not perfect.  Don't be afraid when a mistake happens.  We are only human.
*Let friends and family "in".  If someone asks, what's wrong, they genuinely want to talk.
*Let kids be kids.  Let them get dirty.  Let them make messes.  Let them be little as long as you can.
But most importantly:
LET God handle it.  He leads you down a path.  He guides you through it.  Let go, and let him!


  1. Your daughter's cupcake gift to you is so precious:)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. I LOVE 2 Broke Girls! It is hysterical! And, it's getting raunchier by the episode! Funny, but I was recently going to ask you if you loved the show because of the cupcakes! LOL!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. A cupcake/treat business? Can we apply now to be taste testers? I love your OWL...so powerful!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. I enjoyed reading your 12 in 12. I'm not surprised that your favorite gift had something to do with your kids and cupcakes! Thanks for sharing.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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