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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Share

Are you ready for your upcoming week at school?  I love having my plans done when I leave school on Friday, but that doesn't always happen.  This past Friday, my grade level teamies and I were at a meeting, and then we released early due to bad weather, so I didn't get my lessons done.  AND, let me just be honest here and say that I do not bring stuff home with me.  I've said that before, and it's true.  I used to bring stuff home, and it would make it to my computer desk and never come out of the bag.  Then it only made it to the door.  Then it never made it out of the car....NOW it never leaves the room.   It all still gets done (just during my lunch time which gives me more time at home).

Okay, back on topic---so here I am planning out my week, and I thought that maybe some of you would like to see some of the great resources I will be using this week.  So I bring to you

(Love how she's still in her jammies)

My plans aren't going to be set up like all of those great visual plans you see.  
I'm just sharing some of the great resources I HAVE and will be using at some point this week.

 First up---Penguins!
Penguins were on my to do list all last week, but with no school on Monday, two late starts, and an early release, I was doing good to be able just to take lunch count! :)

I'm sure you all have come across Erica Bohrer's great penguin packet?
If not, click HERE and check it out.  The link takes you to her blog post where you can see a great image layout of her pages in this packet, and she has several great videos posted as well. 
 My students are going to love this! :)

For some of my lower students, Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies has a super labeling activity, and easy sight word books.  I LOVE the glyph craft too.
You can click HERE to check out her blog post, which she linked to other great penguin activities.

For stations, my below level students are going to be loving Hadar's (Miss Kindergarten) January Centers.
She has some great images of her stations set up if you click HERE.
and they are going to love Caitlin's (Kindergarten Smiles) Winter Literacy pack.
 You can click HERE to see her blog post on them.  
She has too many cute things and I LOVE DJ INKERS graphics.

Then I'm also still using my Ice Ice Baby Stations, 
as well as finishing up some prompts in my January Journal Prompt Packet.

You can click on the image to check them out on TpT or you can click HERE for a blog post on them.

Then we will be switiching over to February activities. 
 (Why is it that February only has 28/29 days but seems to be one of the busiest months?)

For Groundhog's Day--
I love this packet from Arlene at LMN Tree
I love how she explained Groundhog's Day and included a colored and black/white reader.
My students LOVE to have their own books to read and color.
She also has a great blog post HERE with a freebie and some links.

To follow up with Groundhog's Day discussion, I am just LOVING this big eyed groundhog from Heidi over at My (Not So) Elementary  Life.
She also has a blog post about her product HERE with a couple of book suggestions.

 I also am loving this little craftivity from Susan at T.G.I.F!-Thank God It's First Grade!
 I have some kiddos that play(ed) football this fall.  
One being one of my sweet little girls, so I know they will appreciate this.  
It will be a fun Friday activity for them. 
You can see Susan's blog post HERE about her cute craft.

 I will also be beginning on Kelley's (Teacher Idea Factory) February Morning Work.  
Her reading packet is perfect for my little guys, and will be great review. 
You can click HERE for her blog post, and find a few freebies to try it out! :)

We will be using the February writing prompts.
Here is a sample from this packet. You can click the picture below to download it from google docs.
 You can click HERE to see it on TpT.

I'm still hoping to get February Centers finished, but I've been spending a lot of time creating something to help my below level firsties.  
I mentioned it when I did Tessa's Linking Up with Love linky, but didn't explain it in great detail. 

I have students who are not retaining their sight words.  Students who were not at a first grade level when they came to me, and saying they were a K level may be pushing it.  I've worked hard this year trying to get them caught up, but I've not had as much success as I would like.
That's where Super Readers come in.  I am using the Fry Word List.  I've created a sight word story for each of the first 25 words.  Two different versions of the story.  One students will read the story, and highlight the sight word.  The other version students will fill in the missing sight word.  You can choose to do one or both versions.  These will make great keep books for students too.  Everything is just ready to be printed.  There are activities and spiral activities for the words.  If you have purchased any of my Treasures work, it's similar to that with the Cut/Paste words and Cut/Paste sentences.  
Here is a picture of the first set.

Here are a few close up images.
This is the word you.

There are flash cards in the pack, and games for review, but I wanted to show you how simple it is to print and use. :)
Students will practice the word you.  They will read it and say it aloud.  They will color the word, fill in the shape box, write it on the lines, then cut and paste to match the spelling.
 Here are the two versions of the book for the word you.  It folds to make a pocket size keep book.

You can click HERE if you would like a sample from the big pack.

Because some of the material is similar to the Treasures work I created, I put this into two choices for purchase.  One is with all the word work, and one is just the sight word readers. The picture above links to the whole packet.

The picture below links to just the sight word stories.

Now that I've showcased some great products, 
I thought I'd share some great resources if you are interested in creating your own.

I think Tessa (Tales from Outside the Classroom) has some cute digital papers, and I'm loving her Valentine's set.

I LOVE Alisha's (The Bubbly Blonde) glitter packs.
You can get a better image if you click HERE to see her blog post, plus you can see how she frames her pictures with her cute work on her posts! :)

Sandra (Sweet Times in First) has also been making cute borders.  
Click HERE for her blog post! :)

Then of course,  you all saw my love of graphics when I did my Tuesday Tip.  
Way too many to mention! :)

I hope this gives you some ideas when planning for this week.  
Have a happy day! :)


  1. This is a great share! (And thank you for the shout out! You are the BEST!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. You have so much love to give:)
    Going Nutty!

  3. How fun. I have a question do you just use a regular planbook or something you created? This weekend I decided to do daily plans instead of weekly plans. We will see how that goes.

  4. I love this post but I just wanted to say that the graphic of the bathrobe lady was pretty much how I looked while I read it! Haha. :D

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  5. You are such a wonderful person and friend. Thank you so much for the "Shout Out" and your help and creative eye!!!
    LMN Tree

  6. It's 12:50 NY time and I am still in my jammies! Love Sundays. Thanks for sharing about your week. I really do like that sight word resource, and I am so excitied you let us all in on your Tuesday Tip with your folders. I <3 you graphics collection!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  7. Thanks so much for the shoutout :) I hope your kiddos love doing the craft :) Thanks dear friend!!! :) Your week is going to be jam packed with some amazingness :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  8. Thanks so much for all the awesome resources! I can't wait to get clicking!
    The Schroeder Page

  9. Thanks for the shout out!:):) Love that sight word packet and need to get it prepped for my low babies.

  10. and i'm off to tpt to load my cart! :) love the sharing!


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