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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's Cooking Wednesday

Today's Recipe:
Peanut Butter Cookies

I have this love for peanut butter and chocolate---probably why I like Reese's cups so much.  Growing up, my family always loved the Peanut Butter Blossoms.....you know the peanut butter cookies rolled in white sugar and then a Hershey kiss is placed on top?

Well, I saw this picture floating around on Pinterest. 

                                                                Source: iheartnaptime.net via DeAnne on Pinterest

  And I thought, I HAVE to have those.  Well, actually my first idea was---Why didn't I think of that?  
I mean a cookie, and a Reese's treat?  Uhm, hello.  Yes please.

After reading the recipe, I thought, uhm....I'm too tired  to ball and roll my cookies in sugar BUT I HAVE. TO. HAVE. A. SWEET. TREAT!!

Last week I made one of my hubby's friends some AWESOME peanut butter chocolate chip cookies using a pudding mix.....so yummy.  SOO....I combined the two ideas and came up with my own.

That's right folks----These heavenly treats can be put into a cookie!  OHH MY GOODNESS!
   Peanut butter, Reese's hearts, pudding mix, YUMMY GOODNESS!

I've noticed that adding pudding mixes to cookie recipes have made them a little softer, but the dough seems thicker.  I altered a recipe a bit and added about 2 Tbs. milk to my dough.  Here's a picture of the dough...it is thick. 

I use a cookie scoop for my cookies, but then I sometimes go back and roll them too.  It makes it easier to flatten them, I think.
Bake them for about 8-10 minutes and top with a heart. 

I took them to work today.  I didn't need them sitting around the house.  Around 10:00 this morning (school takes up at 8), I went to go grab me one (ya know, thought a little bit of chocolate would make this long day better)---but they were all gone.  Found out at lunch time today, that they were all gone before school started.   At least they liked them, right? :)

I was told to sell them :)  but I thought I'd share for the Wednesday recipe instead. 

Click the recipe below to grab you a copy of the recipe--and make some sweets for your sweetie! :)


  1. Yuuuuummmmmm! My son has a peanut allergy or I'd be making them NOW! :)
    Would love for you to enter my big giveaway!
    Growing Firsties is giving away Erin Condren and more

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Those look delicious! I will definitly be making those bad boys. Yum-O. Thanks a million for sharing!

  3. OOOH!! I just said out loud: "Oh! Those are fun!"

    Thanks for the recipe! Will have to try them!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  4. Oh, these look DELICIOUS and adorable! Thanks for the recipe and love your blog!

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher

  5. Oh those are cute, I've always made them with kisses, but I never thought about adding heart chocolate. :)


  6. Yum! Yum! Yum! These look delicious. The hearts make them so cute.

    Compassionate Teacher

  7. Love the idea of the heart chocolates for valentine's day. Have always seen the kisses so love the heart twist.
    We look forward to seeing what you're cookin on Wednesdays. Love the recipes that have actually been tried and are delish rather than in a book that's all purdy when looks nothing like the picture when you attempt it!

    See you next week :)

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  8. I am going to have to ask my sweetie to make them for me. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. PB and chocolate--two of my favorite things in the whole wide world! Thank you for sharing!!

    Little Miss Primary

  10. Those cookies are the cutest! I have to make them! Peanut butter and chocolate is my family's favorite combination! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I need to give you my recipe for peanut butter pie with chocolate if you are interested!


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