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Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Hodgepodge---and a little freebie worksheet

Today's post---Hodgepodge.  A little of this...and a bit of that. 
  Today we just took it easy.  I had 6 kiddos absent (There must be something yucky going around because I think there were about 70 out of our building).  I hate starting something new with that many out, so we just reviewed, and had a nice relaxing day.  I need that once in a while, and so do the kiddos.  There's still learning going on of course, but just not at a cheetah's pace. 

First of all, last week  we worked on my US pack, and I incorporated a few other great things from TpT.  Here is a picture of our George Washington's from A Cupcake for a Teacher's pack. 
We are also a  Leader in Me School.  Above it on sentence strips it says,
"We are honest.  We are proactive.  We are leaders.  
Just like George Washington, we are leaders."

Today our school nurse came around with a dental hygienist and gave us a talk on proper dental care.  We followed up with some old school activities. 

When making the tooth fairies today, one of  my first grade friends said, "These are almost done for us."  She's so used to tracing and cutting.  They enjoyed this for a change....just coloring and cutting.   :)
We read facts that were written on teeth.  We colored the things bad for our teeth a yucky color, and left ways to keep our teeth healthy white.  They stuck the facts in the pocket of the fairy to take home, sort and share with their families tonight.  

 We followed up our tooth activity with a writing assignment from my February Journal Prompts--using the prompt for healthy snacks for our teeth.

Then for centers today, we used part of The Bubbly Blonde's AWESOME pack. 
Here are some of the pictures I snapped (from a few of the centers we did).
 Compound Words
 Doubles Facts
 Then we were playing Wild about Words, and Whack a CvCe word.  
You can find those freebies by clicking on the blue link above.
 I worked with one of my little friends on the words she's stuck on.  
She rereads her old books to me, and gets a new one for the day.  
It's about time for Super Reader-Sight Word 3.  :)  
I am so glad I have finally found something to make her feel successful!! :)
You can check out Super Reader-1 and Super Reader-2.  

We were also reviewing nouns and verbs today as we were working on Kelley's Morning Work.  Wouldn't  you know?  Just when I think they ALL  FINALLY get it....*hand raises*  "What's a verb again?"  AHHHH!!
SOOO----here's a little sorting freebie for you, and my little sweetie too! ;)

 Click the picture above to download you a copy.


  1. We had noun and verb down and then they go and introduce adjective and it's all out the window. Thanks for the freebie! : )
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Well, at least you get all three parts of speech! In our reading series we have every kind of noun under the sun for the first 99% of the year. Just about the last week of school we get to verbs. And the upper grades have a different series, so they probably expect us to know more than nouns coming to grade 3!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great freebie and all your wonderful ideas:-)

  4. Looks like tons of fun! Snagged the freebie! Thanks, DeAnne!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  5. Thanks for the freebie. My kiddos can certainly use it. I was wondering if you could tell me where the tooth fairy worksheet comes from?

    1. The tooth fairy craft comes from the Mailbox Reproducible Book for February (Grades 1-3).

  6. Thank you! Homeschooling my 6 year old and great sheets like yours are so helpful!

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