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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Share

Last Sunday was my first time doing Sunday Share.  I told you how I was trying to plan for the week at home because we had an early release, and I was at a Common Core meeting.  Well, guess what???   Here I am trying to plan from home AGAIN, because Friday was a snow day!  WOOT WOOT.  So, welcome to Sunday Share. :)

**Before I start showing you some of the great things I've come across, I want you to know that I DO own these products.   I am or will be using these in my classroom.

I'm not the greatest picture taker in the world--I don't always remember to snap pictures--and sometimes it's hard for me to snap a picture while they are working.  I usually have one student tapping on one arm, and another tugging at the other arm, while I'm trying to help the one sitting at his/her desk in front of me.  BUT--here are a couple snapshots:

I took the student work that Erica included and made them into big charts to put in the hallway and we used Jennifer's (First Grade Blue Skies) penguin craft and wrote one fact we learned on it.  

I am not an artist, so ignore my little visual clues. 

So besides the things I posted LAST week that I didn't get to doing due to our snow day, what's in store this week?

I'm going to continuing using my Super Readers with my students that are struggling.
For my students that go to intervention teachers, I'm going to incorporate Reagan's Sight Word Stars.
It supplements the sight word packet I made, and it's editable. You can add your own words to it.  I like that they have stars for journals.....would maybe not get lost (like the baggie of sight words) between home and school.  You can click HERE to see Reagan's blog post on it. :)

Kristen from A Day in First Grade has this great handwriting packet for February.
This will be good practice for my students for my students who are pulled out for intervention or to send home with them for homework.

You can click HERE to see it on TpT.

I love using Katie's (Queen of the First Grade Jungle) Busy Teacher's Friend.
It's great practice for homework, morning work, or a quick check.
You can click HERE to see Katie's post on it! :)

We use Wilson's Fundations (there's not much fun about it---but I won't go on about it) and I'm always looking for ways to spice it up.   Tanja (Journey of a Substitute Teacher) has a great packet to help with that. There are some great review skills for things we've worked on it Wilson's (bonus letters) and since it's a pack of Digraphs, I can go use it for enrichment skills for my other students!   Perfect for homework, center work, morning work. 
You can click HERE for her blog post on it! :)

I was also going to work on revising last years math centers for February, but if I don't get around to doing it, I have this great packet FULL of first grade fun from Megan (Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits).  Megan is also an Ohio teacher---someday we will have to meet up (she's only about 45 minutes from me!) :)
HERE is her post with other great things linked! :)

I do have my Valentine literacy centers ready to go.  I revised them from last year.
Here is the link for them on TpT.

We won't even go into the clip art that I purchased from today's sale! :)
I'm thinking I need to create a group for clip art addicts....their talent is AMAZING!  

 The great thing about my purchases on TpT is I get to earn credits!  When I leave feedback for things I purchase, not only does the seller know how I liked their products, but I earn credits which saves me money!  Yes, that's right...saves ME money! :)  Do you have purchases that haven't had feedback?  
Here's how to check:

Log in to TpT.  
Find the link labeled "My Purchases"
Look for the purchases that have a blinking "Provided Feeback" link.
Leave feedback.
Earn Credits
You could have enough credits for a purchase today (not to mention there's a sale!) 

One more thing I want to say--there has been some controversy on teachers selling on TpT. 
 I want to say thank you for supporting me (and my bakery dreams--somday?) ;)
I APPRECIATE every comment you leave me, whether it is on my blog, email, facebook, TN, or TpT. 
I know how hard teachers work, and how little we get paid.  I know how much money we spend in our classrooms with even just buying school supplies for the students that don't have them.  Our jobs are the greatest jobs to have, and sometimes, seem the most unappreciated.  I appreciate you!  Thank you for always being so kind! :)  


  1. Your sweet centers look awesome, DeAnne! And I just love your Sunday Share button - how did you know what I look like on Sunday mornings??? ;)
    Teaching With Style

  2. Those turned out SO cute!! Thanks for the shout out...I am pinning right now!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I like your Sunday Share button too!! I hope you sell TONS!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. Lots of good stuff! Your sweet centers for February looks amazing!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  5. LOVE seeing what you bought, DeAnne! Your stuff is also amazing, girl!!! And - I'd be a super happy customer at your future bakery!!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties


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