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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Share

I'm going to show you some of the things we've done in class this week.
Mind you (and I say this every time) I don't do well with taking pictures.
I'm not a good photographer AND I don't remember to take pictures of everything we do....BUT...

We did Groundhog's Day (Remember I was out on Friday last week).  
I used Arlene from LMN Tree's Groovy Groundhogs and Heidi from My (Not So) Elementary Life's Groundhog Craft.  Seeing how it was past Groundhog's Day, I focused more on what groundhogs are as an animal, and when we did Heidi's craft, we added a new fact we learned about Groundhogs on his belly. 

This was my son's----I forget to snap them while they were working on them in class.

We also worked on Silly Groundhog Stories from my February Journal Prompts. 

Some quick pics from centers/stations this week:
 The center in the picture above is from Mrs. Wheeler's Math and Literacy Center pack.

They also used sorts from my Sweet Centers for February.

For my interventions/enrichments, I showed them how to play our spinner game.

Some of my sweeties are still having a hard time recalling sight words.
Here I'm all set up for her with the word are.

This comes from my Super Reader Sight Word Packet.   

So what am I working on this coming week?  Surviving!  
It's Valentine's Day, and that ALWAYS makes things CRAZY!!

For my interventions, I will continue using my Super Readers.  I am LOVING that it's so easy for me to print them and my students have a story to take home and read and share with their parents.  My students are eagerly waiting for their 2nd sticker book.  I need to get on that. 

I'm also going to use Cheryl's (Primary Graffiti) centers.  
Perfect for those students I was telling you about a couple weeks ago.
You can click HERE to see Cheryl's blog link on it. 

I also LOVE the CVC centers (Okay, I love them all) but I'm definitely using the CVC centers from 
Caitlin's (Kindergarten Smiles) Math and Literacy set.  
(OHH and the Math stations are perfect for my lower math kiddos for intervention too)
HERE is the link to Caitlin's blog about her stations (Where there is also a freebie). :)

Mrs. Plant's Press also has some great centers for me to use at either intervention time, or in differentiated tubs for early finishers to do.  Again, loving the CVC and digraph centers for my lower students.
 Click HERE to see her blog post on her awesome centers.

Maybe I've shared this a few times---but that just shows you how much I love it....AND my students love Kelley's (Teacher Idea Factory) Morning Work too.  They have TRULY enjoyed it.  They love knowing what to do on it (all on their own). I'm definitely continuing to use these throughout the year---so Kelley, if you are reading this--get March's posted soon chic! :)
Click HERE to see here blog post.
and I think Tanja's (Journey of a Substitute Teacher) has cute poems for my kiddos to read.
I am really digging the Roses are Red poem!

Click HERE to see her blog post, and also grab a freebie.

For stations, we will continue using mine, but I'm also using Teaching in High Heels pack called Love is in the Air.  
Her choice of graphics is always so cute! :)
You can find it on TpT HERE.
I am also going to use Jen's (The Teacher's Cauldron) stations for interventions and fast finisher tubs.
Again, love the graphics! :)
Click HERE for her blog post link.

and I have Erica's Valentine Day centers as well. 

She just recently revised this with Essential Questions and added a new center, so if you have purchased it, make sure you download it again. What I like about this is it's completely Common Core.  Since we are still merging into Common Core, it's nice for me to have products that give me an idea of what to expect.  Click HERE for her blog post!

I think that we will also focus a lot more on writing this week.  With it being Valentine's Day, and students wanting to write letters, and Valentine's.  I think that Jessica's Unit is very cute.
Click HERE for her blog post. IS that cover not cute? :)

But, I also have those struggling students.  
(Have I mentioned how difficult this year is? Thank goodness for great teachers!)

Both LMN Tree and Mrs. Wheeler have some great writing ideas.  
Here are two seasonal ones.

Also, LMN Tree has a freebie, if you click HERE!

And What's a holiday without a craft or two? :)
I actually purchased several.  I asked my son what he wanted to make for Valentine's Day in the classroom, and he would either say yes, or that would take too long.  
(I was kinda hoping for something that may take a little bit of time---geesh lol)

We finally decided on two.
I love Stephanie's (Falling Into First) monkey craft.  Did you know my favorite animal (besides kids) is a monkey?  Look how cute.
Click HERE for her blog post.

and this cute little cat craft from Granny Goes to School
Click HERE for her blog post.

My class has such varying levels this year.  
I'm talking from a PK level to a 4th grade level. It's been a challenge.  
I'm thankful for all the great things I find on TpT to help me fill those gaps in my students, and the time that it saves me when I'm busy with family, or working on projects and don't have time to make my own, AND I always have them for next year! :) 

I am also thankful to all of you!!  So if you haven't entered my giveaway, please do.
Also, make sure that you enter ALL ten giveaways (That's right there are ten!)
 I even added one more set Saturday!!
Click the image below to head to the giveaway post to enter!! 


  1. Oh friend . . . thanks for the love today. You are amazing :)

  2. To the Sweetest valentine of all, thanks for always including me and so many others!
    LMN Tree

  3. thank you for the shout out the friend!

  4. Those groundhogs...how stinking cute. Thanks so much for sharing your kiddos cute groundhogs. It makes me so happy to see others enjoying my things. I still don't believe it is possible that others actually like them :) Thanks sweet friend. You are great!!!

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  5. Thanks for the sweet words...hope your kiddos are enjoying their Valentine week :)


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