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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Cooking Wednesday-Red Velvet Brownies

As many of you know, I LOVE to bake.  It's an outlet.  Sometimes I like to bake with Madi and Connor, and sometimes I just want the kitchen to myself (then they can come in to wash dishes and clean up--if they want a snack HAHA) ;)  

This past weekend I shared this picture on facebook. 
Yes, I'm totally a little girl and that is MY Mickey Mouse mug! 
 Everyone needs a sweet treat now and again...and I'm finding that I'm baking quite frequently.  
I MUST get that bakery someday (yes, I know I mention it a lot anymore, and as much as I love teaching, this is something that my Mom would have loved to see me do! :) )
, but for now, I will share some recipes with you.....so that brings me to.....

Today's Recipe
Red Velvet Brownies with White  Chocolate Chips

I originally found the recipe HERE, and after reading through the recipe, it sounded good---but do you ever wonder how you can tweak recipes just a bit for your liking?  Well, that's what I did/do. I didn't tweak it much, because I'm sure it's AWESOME the way that it is, but I did make a few adjustments.  

 I'm so bad because I usually just add a bit of this and a pinch of that.  I have a hard time with following directions I guess.  (I told my hubby that if I ever do get a bakery, I should advertise with it never being the same way twice----BUT, with my bakery name being  Double Dee's, that probably would gather an interesting crowd.  *For the record, Double Dee's for my initials in case anyone is wondering.  Apparently I'm more naive than I thought when I came up with this name.  ANYWAY!!) 

As I said, I'm not good at following directions.  So if it asks for me to do things in separate bowls, I don't always do it----WAY too many dishes to wash that way!  I combined my butter, sugars, eggs and vanilla in my stand mixer.  

I added 2 oz. of Red food coloring AND a tablespoon of milk.

 Then I thought, How can I make this more fattening? 
So I added a few white chocolate chips.  Okay, so maybe it wasn't a few---
maybe it was the whole bag.
But look how pretty they are sitting in there!!
And there you have it, some YUMMY brownies!! 
My son says these should be called RED-IES!  Perhaps he's right.  

Here is the recipe on my small "tweaks" of the original.
 You can click the image below to grab and print.
Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. Darn you DeAnne!!!!!!!

    Still love ya though! You will get that bakery one day and we'll have a bloggy meet-up there...wouldn't that be the best?!?!

    You'd have to roll us out of there! HA!


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. My mouth is watering and I think I am beginning to drool. Glad noone can see me. SO thankful for What's cookin Wednesday!!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  3. Thanks for the printable version of the recipe. I can't wait to try it. What a wonderful idea to share this!!

  4. DeAnne, all your yummy delights make me drool...ha, ha...I will try these brownies very soon :)

    Treasures for Teaching

  5. Yum-o! I definitely want to try this! Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching With Style

  6. Yum!!! I'd gain 100 pounds if I lived near you! I love some sweets!


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