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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still Chuggin' Along

Is anyone else still chuggin' along waiting for spring break to arrive?  I still have a few days left before it starts.  We work Monday-Wednesday of next week.  Then we get our "Easter break" Thursday-Monday.  It goes by WAY. TOO. QUICK.  

So what do you do when it's a short week? 

We started doing a little unit on Beatrix Potter last week and I found the stories on YOUTUBE as well.  My students really seemed to enjoy them.  Here are a few videos.
This is a nice intro for discussion, but you will see similar scenes in other "World of Peter Rabbit and his Friends" videos.  
We had a fun discussion on the transportation used, the way she would write (ink wells), and the accent she had (as my students aren't exposed to many cultures/languages).

The Tale of Tom Kitten and Jemima Puddle Duck

The Tale of Peter Rabbit/Benjamin Bunny

We will continue into Monday with the tale of Peter Rabbit.  We will be retelling the story, alphabetizing vegetables from Mr. McGregor's garden, and using adjectives to describe the vegetables.  ( I can hear a few of them now using the word YUCKY!) ;)

For my emergent readers (okay, my whole class wanted these stories too) we will be working on Little Lamb, Little Lamb.  I made activities for the story that should hit the learning abilities of all of my students, as they all want the book. :)

You can click HERE to see it on TpT.

We will also be working on my Hippity Hoppity Centers. 
You can click HERE to see it on TPT.

For other English and Language Arts activities, I love using the Easter Ribbit.  
Click the picture to read about it on Amazon.

It's such a cute story.  Have you heard it? 

Last year I made a few activities to go with this story.
I tried to make them a little cuter this year ;)

 The activities are FREE on TpT.  You can click HERE to grab them.
Please leave feedback on TpT if you download and are planning on using.
It is sad to see that there are so many downloads, and little comments.
It is a little discouraging to want to put freebies up...a thank you goes a LONG way with me ;)

Another freebie I have that I shared last week with you--but just in case you missed it....
You can click HERE to grab this freebie from TpT as well---
again please take a few minutes to say a thank you. :)

Some other great things I have found that I can incorporate into my week
Gladys guest blogged for Alisha the other day--and left this great freebie! :)
Click HERE to see it! :)

Vowel sorting from the Bubbly Blonde--click HERE for the link! :)

Need help with rhyming? Check out this great freebie also from The Bubbly Blonde.
Click HERE

If you're students still need help with sight words, check out this great freebie from Tales from Outside the Classroom.  You can click HERE to see it. 

I hope I have found some great activities to help you fill your week if you are still working! :)

Now, because my spring break is so short---a real vacation won't start for me until after school is out...and it's already booked, and I'm ready to go! :)
Want to play a game to win my Easter things? 
I'd also like to give away both Little Lamb, and Hippity Hoppity to the first person to comment with the correct answer:

Where do you think we (my family) will be going on vacation?
If you have been following me for a while, you may just know the answer! ;)

 Be sure to include your email address!
One thing though, my blog no longer accepts anonymous users.  I am getting way too many spam comments to keep up with.  Please be sure to follow me along with google friend connect on the side.  Thank you! :)


  1. Thanks for posting all of these great teaching ideas. I'm still chugging along as well. Our last day before break is Thursday! I am finding some great stuff on You Tube also. Enjoy your break!
    Thanks again,
    I Dream of First Grade

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love your freebies! You must be getting out of this cold cold snowy Ohio weather! My guess is Florida (hopefully to Disney!) I follow your facebook and saw you were hitting up Jungle Jims and IKEA today! I actually live within 10 minutes of those! Have a great time!

  3. Hi DeAnne! We are also still chugging along, waiting for Spring Break to come! Same as you, we have kiddos Monday-Wednesday this week, then a workday on Thursday and we're done!! Thanks for all of the great spring activities and links you shared! We'll probably be needing them to get through this short week! Have a nice weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. I think you're going to Walt Disney World in Florida and I am jealous! =) Have fun if that is indeed where you're going! I can't wait to see some pictures!

    Thanks for the great freebies! I'll go leave you some love!


  5. I'm so excited about the Tale of Peter Rabbit video. Thanks for sharing!

    The Kindergarten Center

  6. Have a wonderful vacation and thanks for all your hard work. Happy Easter!!

  7. Hi! Thanks for all the wonderful freebies!! I know you love to go to state parks......but it is so cold right now! Hope you are going to FL for some warm sunshine! We go through Thursday this week.....I'm using some of your cute ideas for the week.....it is also a review/testing week for us....so we need some fun! Happy Easter!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing these great activities. I hadn't seen the Easter Ribbit book before. I have to find it and check it out!
    Teachin' First

  9. DeAnne,
    Your blog is adorable and I love your cute ideas! I know what you mean about the anonymous comments. So annoying! I had to do that as well and I'm only a newbie blogger.
    Happy Spring Break!
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥

  10. Thanks for the shout outs and the links to the videos! Peter Rabbit came up in something this school year and no one knew about it! {A biography in our reading basal based on the author) So I'm going to show them some "history!"


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