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Monday, April 22, 2013

A little Review of phonics

Testing week KILLS me---and I'm not even a testing grade level (yet!)

Our schedule is a little messed up, specials are pushed to the side, and we have our kiddos for an extra long (seems like forever) chunk of time......and the tests don't start til tomorrow EGADS!

So....today, here I was getting done to business.  I was feeling good about my lessons, students were responsive (That alone on a Monday is reason to celebrate!), I was monitoring their understanding---EVERYTHING was going well.  Then.....I looked at the clock!  OY! I thought, wait, it's broke.  That clock NEVER keeps the right time.  Let me check the time on the computer.  Uhm...wait, it says the same thing.  Maybe it's froze?  Let me check my phone....OH MAN!!! We were so productive but I needed a filler (we had already read a story, wrote, science, etc--I'm telling you were were ON. THE. BALL!)

So, we took out our journals.  I had them divide their paper into boxes.  
We ended up doing ten boxes on our notebook paper. 
 I gave them a total of ten words..one  to put in each box.
Then I had them read the words, and draw a picture. 

I used the phonics skills that we've worked on this year.  
We then went over the words together.

People, let me tell you my class was SILENT for at least FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!!  
That's incredible--because my class is NEVER quiet!  
There's always a murmur going to say the least. 

I think they enjoyed this because it is similar to my Read! Draw! Write! products I used with them.
You can click on the images below to see them on TpT. 

Since tomorrow begins our testing, and they seemed to have such a good time with this today, I made a few "filler" pages.  It's just simple, but I'm hoping it helps keep them quiet as a testing room is right on the other side of my room. 

If you click on the image above, you can grab yourself a few pages of read and draws--a word version of first grade phonics skills.

If you click the image above, you can grab a few sheets of read and draw sentences using first grade phonics skills. 

Do you find testing week stressful for you too? 


  1. Testing week? Try we are on our 2nd full week of testing. Yes it is stressful, our schedule is completely wacky and we have extra kids in our room every day. To top it off our district is having problem finding subs so I also had 7 extra 1st graders in my room today. I felt like I lost control about 9:00. I have had a few of those days where you think the clock stopped, it is so nice when everyone is focused. : )
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    BTW, thanks for the freebies! You're the best!

  2. Oh yes our schedule changed today and it threw everyone for a look. Thanks for the filler pages I will be downloading them as soon as my beagle gets off my lap and I can use my computer. Have a good week.

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