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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip--Creating Flash Cards

I've had several people ask me what program I use to create my products.  I use PowerPoint.  I used to use Word, but OHH MY!  I found it difficult to move pictures and text around.  I had never used PowerPoint prior to last year, but I'm so glad I learned.  I LOVE it! :)

I would like to show you how to make flash cards for your students. You can use this format for addition problems, subtraction problems, word cards--the possibilities are endless.  This brings me to Tuesday Tip! :)

How To Make Flashcards for your Classroom

I hope that this helps those of you that are wanting to learn how to make some things on your own, or are just wanting to play around and have fun with it.  I find that this is an outlet for me sometimes.  I love just playing around and creating some things! :)

Speaking of creating some things, I made a differentiated printable pack to go with the Hop into Spring Games.  Though the pack was designed to reinforce the games, it's great for just practice/review.  You can click the picture below to see it on TpT.

One thing that some of my students are having a hard time with is tr/ch, so I included this in the pack. There are several other ELA pages as well as math pages in this pack.  Again, it is a differentiated pack--check it out!  But below, is a copy of the tr/ch page for my struggling kiddos that you can scoop up for yourself! :)

The great graphics are from Pink Cat Studio, Scrappin Doodles, Tales from Outside the Classroom, and KG fonts.  If you would like a copy of this page for yourself, you can click HERE to grab it from google docs.


  1. Thank you so much. I had been trying to figure that out for a few months!

  2. It's superb post...regarding cards...these info will helping me a lot...!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can't wait to try and make some cards!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  4. Oh, that video makes me want to update my Powerpoint!

    Looks like they have some great upgrades!
    Super video!

  5. Great Tuesday Tip darlin' . . . I need to {finally} ditch Word and start using PPT, but old habits die VERY hard it seems. Your spring pack is super cute BTW. I always heart your stuff! Happy Wednesday :)

  6. Thank you for the tip! I can't wait to try this out.

  7. cards are versatile, long lasting and easy to carry. Modern technologies permit to go for plastic cards since there are millions and billion or design with different color combination, material. i love your style :-)

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