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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Cookin' Wednesday (and related Fact Fun)

As many of you know, there's something about being in the kitchen that makes me giddy.  I don't know if it's the smells of the good food, the family time that I enjoy while being in there, or if it's the small taste I get (remember I'm dieting now ;) )---but there's something about it.  I love having my kiddos in there with me.  Sometimes, though, I HATE the clean up!  A couple weeks ago, they made a bar style cookie.  They were called Can't Leave Them  Alone bars.  We made a batch, they took some over to our neighbors (who I think of like my grandparents), and we froze the rest.  They freeze well, and they thawed out just in time for the kid's lunch at school.  It was also a nice little snack right from the freezer with a glass of milk. :)    Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the final yumminess.      I do have some pictures of my kiddos making it though ;)

 He insists on doing it all by himself!
 But sister had to help too. :)
He let her do the sweetened condensed milk while he dug into the chocolate chips!
Spreading the yummy melted chocolate over top. 

This recipe would be simple enough to do in your classroom too if you have access to an oven.  If cooking in the classroom with your students, there are MANY educational discussions to be had. :)
Reading-reading a recipe, reading labels
Writing-Write a how to or writing using adjectives to describe
Science--baking is always science, right?
Health--food pyramid

I was once told by my old principal that I have a way of finding objectives to tie into the "fun stuff" we're doing. I hope that was a compliment! HAHA :)
If you'd like a copy of the recipe, you can click the image of the recipe below.
In school related news ;)
We are reviewing fact families and related facts.  My students love to do dice games.  I even get the big foam dice out as our intro to math lessons and let them take turns using them.  They love it.  
I thought this would become a fun morning work activity tomorrow (we have a music program tomorrow---so they're already going to be keyed up---need to keep things simple!) ;)

You can click the image below to grab the activity.  :)

 Happy Wednesday! :)



  1. One for me and one for my kids! PERFECT!! That name is dangerous though, I hope I will be able to leave them alone! My kids are working on related facts + and - so this is marvelous!! Mine also LOVE dice games. I will be using this tomorrow for sure!!

  2. Lordy- like I need an excuse to make a treat! Thanks for the freebie too!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Look at that handsome chef {and his cutie pie helper}...I bet his yummies would make anybody's mouth water....

    I think I'm hungry...

    Thanks for the freebies too!!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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