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Friday, July 19, 2013


Patience--Faith--Trust have been the three words I've said over and over this summer...to myself, to one of my best friends/coworkers, to family.  I have been a little gloomy as of late (hence the lack of blogging other than doing a few linkies).  I have been trying to relocate within my district, but it just didn't pan out for me.  Funny thing is, several of us applied for the same position within the district and they hired out of district.  That's life, I guess.  So I tried to find a position elsewhere---but daggone it, I just REALLY love first grade.  I believe in my heart, everything happens for a reason.  With God on my side, I can get through anything that comes my way....so I just have to have patience, keep my Faith, and trust that HE will do what he feels is best for me!

So today I decided I have WAY too much to be thankful for in life to let other things get me down.

LOL!  Love Barney--LOVE How I Met Your Mother! :)

So, I tried to create some AWESOME resources for the beginning of the year with my kiddos.
  I wanted to create something that my students would have worked on last year to help ease them into first grade.  I wanted to give them meaningful work for both them and me.  This will also help me do a quick check over a few essential Kindergarten Common Core standards that first grade standards are  built on. I'm hoping it makes for an easy transition for the first few weeks as either morning work or independent practice after doing the learning stations included.
Here's a sneak peek of what's included.

This pack includes activities to use for small group, quick check for monitoring, or as morning work.
It also includes several workstations (rhyming, counting/number recognition, base ten (11-19), beginning sounds bingo, making ten game, uppercase/lowercase recognition). 
Here is a sample worksheet from the packet. You can click the image to grab yourself a copy.

Also for a beginning of the year pack...
 I love the little cat slider in this pack!!  I hope my students do too.
Here's a little freebie from this set. Click the image below to download. 
Just print, cut on the dotted lines (laminate for durability) and allow students to build -at words.

This -at pack has been made in both color and black/white. :)

For RTI and review, I have my first set of Be a Reading Detective. 
I'm hoping to add a few more sets similar to this as well, as this is for short vowel words.

Here's a sneak peek of the whole set.

And a little freebie...(you know the drill --click on the image to grab it!) ;)
The same story is included as a read/draw as well to help aid in differentiating students.

Finally, I updated some graphics in my old Making Words set.  This was originally marked for Treasures users (First Grade units 1-3), but I think it works well for anyone using Common Core Standards.  I will be updating the other Making Words packs as time allows.  There is an old blog post you can see HERE (but remember I did say old blog post...) that has a freebie. 

I guess I've been staying busy! :) 

Hope you're all enjoying your summer....it sure is going by too quickly!!


  1. I love the -at packet and the Reading Detective packet! I just added them to my wishlist. I think that cat would perfectly go along with a Splat the Cat book or Pete the Cat. ;) Love, love, love!

    Keep that positive attitude! Hope everything works out for you!

  2. This packet looks amazing! I really connected with this post all around; I totally need to adopt your mantra of patience, faith, & trust. It's so hard when God's timimg & plans aren't the same as ours!! Thank you for this post DeAnne, for allowing yourself to be a little vulnerable, and for encouraging those of us who need it, too! I also love Barney...that funny little pic & saying of his was a good chuckle;) 3 new pins on my boards came from your blog today! Keep your chin waaay up so you can keep your eyes on Him; He knows what He's doing....even if He doesn't always clue us in!

  3. DeAnne,
    I'm sorry for your frustrations. That really can get you down. :( I KNOW. You are right- everything works out for a reason even when we can't see it at the moment. I think you are VERY awesome. Your packets are amazing.
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  4. I love your packets! The Detective pack is in my shopping cart right now!!

  5. I had a similar situation- but everything ended up working out in the end. What is meant to be will be. Your packets look amazing! Way to streamline that energy!


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