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Monday, August 26, 2013

Starting from the basics....

Yesterday I said that I HOPED to post some pictures from the wonderful things I did from
 Nothing fancy and cute like all those great posters/anchor charts floating around on Pinterest, but we did do a story map after reading Splat.
 I took Jennifer's idea from her pack and made it into a big class chart/graph.
 I wonder who did this page?
 Here are some of their cute little cat crafts. 
I wanted to do my Splats from last year.
But I don't think they are quite ready to take on this craft--
I have a few who are still struggling with scissors, tracers, etc-so we kept it basic.
Jennifer's craft was perfect for us!

I also didn't take very good pictures the other day--so here are some other pics.
Our cupcake craft!

 Our Lunch Board
Let's ignore the fact that I need to cut off the top of my ribbon that is peeking out at the top--
AND the red mailboxes need a new paint job (not sure if I'm allowed to do that, but black sure would be pretty---maybe duct tape when I get more time! HA! Teachers with MORE time???)

Reading hut and Reading Table 
(Yes--I have a BEACHY Sweet Theme--they sell junk food on the beach!) ;)

This is kinda messy right now---but it's the back side of my hut.  
I am kinda secluded before school, after school, during "planning". 
It's quite nice---I can hide and get some things done (apparently cleaning isn't one of them!) 

 Today, thanks to Pinterest (and whichever WONDERFUL teacher/teachers) started doing number anchor charts.....I did the same.  I am hoping to add it to my "calendar time." I will just use a big piece of chart paper, add the areas to it that I want to keep (ten frame, tally, equations, written, etc), laminate it, and then switch out the number each day.  Our number of the day will be the number of days we've been in school. --Again, nothing fancy--I'm not artistic--but it got the point across as I reviewed and introduced new concepts with my kiddos! ;)
I actually just hole punched and put a book ring through the chart too 
and hung by my calendar board.

We reviewed the short vowel a today as we read CvC words from this pack.

And Tomorrow, I'm ready to dive into these!
As they lie about my desk!

Also tomorrow, I need to go back to the basics with some of my kiddos and begin the letter naming/sounds with my kiddos.  I'm going to begin my documentation and keep it all in a binder.
Click HERE to see where I talked about keeping their info at my fingertips.
 You can click HERE if you need something simple.

For those kiddos that still need the basics, here is a Freebie center I made a while back.
 (Older blogging days, but they still get the job done :) )
You can grab it by clicking on the image.

And a few/practice sheets that you can grab by clicking HERE

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  1. Thanks so much for the freebies! My kids start back next Wednesday and these will be perfect!

    Lori @
    Bee the Change
    Mrs. Faas’ First Grade


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