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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bushels of Fun (with Apples)

First of all, let me say KUDDOS to any parent who is a stay-at-home!  For those of you that follow me on FB, you know that my son has been sick for almost a week.  (He's better and can go back to school tomorrow WOOT WOOT!)  Here I thought HEY.  I can get some things done around the house, do a little baking, maybe work on a few things for school---uhm, not so much.  When you have little ones home, you don't get much done except for tending to them...Which that's really the way it should be!  So kuddos to you mommas, pappas, and caregivers!  You are SUPERHEROS in my book!!

While prepping for my subs the past few days, I tried to stick as close to routine as possible, do the basic stuff with the basal, etc. However, last night---I thought...UGH! Our skill through Treasures is R blends and well, I'm SOOO not ready for that with most of my class... So I went and browsed TpT and I found some great things to use with my kiddos today.

I love Cheryl's Sub Tubs.  
This is great for a K-1 (and even 2) classroom to have on hand for those emergency situations.  
I bought both of the ones below.  
One to "have on hand" and the fall one because it is just PERFECT for this time of year. 

Since I was focusing on the story There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves, I searched TpT just a little bit more (BIG MISTAKE).  Do you know how many products are out there? ;)
So this is what I purchased:
I like the activities Carrie (Buzz into Kindergarten)included.  The math activities were perfect for my students for "centers" and it went well with Chery's Sub Tub.
Another cute activity I found was a craft by Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.
It goes well as a retelling with the story.  It's cute how the kids can "feed her."

So that sums up my activities for today. 
 Luckily my subs have been retired teachers from my district--and they are WONDERFUL! :)

So what's in store for the rest of the week?
Well, I'm a little late to the party, but Johnny Appleseed's Birthday is this week. 
Have you seen the amount of products on TpT for this? 
 (Don't look---you will be there FOREVER and end up broke! Well, at least I did lol) 

Here are a few things that I hope to use this week and next in our studies.

I love Alisha's unit.    Her colored reader that's included is perfect to project on the board and read to my students for students in social studies.  And there's an interactive reader too--so it prompts questions for my students for discussion.  Ohh and it's packed with writing and I can integrate science and well, it's Just FABULOUS!

I also LOVE Kristin's packet. 
She has designed a unit with suggested activities throughout the week.  The math and science that was incorporated in it though make it fun and engaging.  She also has a writing activity to go with the crockpot applesauce, and I love the black/white version of her Johnny Appleseed Book.

These two ladies have me set for a while for science, writing and social studies (along with the other great things that are included).  Be sure to check them out if you still need something.  

Now I've been working on some apple things too.  Now my hubby said to me, "Why are you working on things?  Didn't you make things LAST year?"  Uhm...well, yes.  So my response to him:
"Every year is a new year.  Every year my class has different needs.  I can't work on things that I did this time LAST year if my students aren't able to do it."  
He knows this---he's a teacher.  He just likes to get under my skin sometimes lol
My kiddos are struggling this year.  I feel like I am overwhelmed, so I once again went back to the basics.  My new stations for Math and Literacy.  They are in two separate packs.
You can click HERE to see the Math Edition.
What's included:
Apple Counting: Number Recognition 1 to 20
Apple Counting: Sequencing Numbers and Comparing
Apple Addition: Making Ten
Here's a sample from the pack that you can place at  your stations or use during your intervention time when students are working on one-on-one correspondence when counting, when learning about ten frames, or when making addition problems.
 (The border from this is from The Bubbly Blonde--I love her work all around, can ya tell)
the literacy pack....
You can click HERE to see it on TpT.
What's included:
Missing Apple: Finding Missing Letter or Word
Apple Matching: Matching upper and lowercase letters or words
A is for Apple Pie: A Beginning Sounds Game
Apple Rhyme Time Sort Activity
Real or Nonsense Sort Activity/Sentence or Not a Sentence

Here's a sample from this pack.
This can be used as a morning worksheet, or a quick check for rhyming.
You can click HERE to grab it. 

Both packs were designed to use in my classroom, to meet the needs of my students.  I have some lower firsties so we will continue to work on this important K skills.  
Both of these packs are currently on sale (until Friday 9-27-13) if you are interested. 
I have also included black/white versions in most of the activities. 

All this apple stuff is making me hungry now 
(which reminds me I do want to try an apple pie cupcake) ;)
I will leave you with a quick little reader.
Author unknown--but I think it's a fun little reading/coloring activity to add to your classroom if you are working on making applesauce (or even just doing apple activities).

 You can click HERE to grab it. 

By the way, I do ((Puffy HEART)) love comments! 
They are like cupcakes---they make me happy! ;)


  1. You rock DeAnne! Thanks so much- we are of course doing Apples and Johnny Appleseed this week!
    JD's Rockin' Readers

  2. What??? You mean you left me teaching r blends and possessive nouns by myself? I'd be right with you if our Benchmark test didn't come straight from Treasures. ; / Your new packs look terrific!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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