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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Centers, Work Tubs, Freebies--Oh My!

Wow!  Why is it the weekend goes so fast and the work week kinda drags at times?  Maybe it's because I slept my whole day away today..I dunno?  Literally people--I CRASHED!  I woke up and found that my little dude had given me a stuffed animal to sleep with.  How sweet! He knew mommy wasn't feeling up to par yet, and he was trying to tend to me!  LOVE HIM--isn't he just adorable?
Moving on..
Last week I was going over word families with my students.  I'm not sure they did them last year because as I was talking about them, I had some blank stares.  I always introduce word families with a house, and the "Davis" family.  I tell them that everyone in my family has the same last name.  We also talk about how that doesn't always happen as we have other brothers and sisters, family members get married, etc. I draw a little house on the board and label it with a word family and we talk about only members with that last name go in that house.  We went through several words both ones that fit and ones that didn't--which brings about this center.

I had shared this a few years ago, but I've switched up some graphics. 
*Note the primitive clip art....I do love me some salt box houses and "junk" 
(As you can see in the pic above)
You can click the image above to grab yourself this free activity.
 Students will sort between -an and -at words and record them.

I thought this would be a good review for them as I explained it to them as "houses"
and be an intro to our other sorts we will be doing throughout the year.

I just uploaded this pack today.
Click the image above to see it on TpT.
It is currently on sale until 9/9/2013 til 4:00 pm EST.
It is on sale for $3. 
 I am loving this pack and look forward to using it with my students throughout the year.  
It's simple, and ready to print makes it even better for me! :)

In years past, I couldn't figure out how to get math tubs started.  I would differentiate my instruction during whole group, and call students up one-on-one.  I never had a separate block of time for stations, so I always added math in during the time I was doing Guided Reading as well.  This year, I"m going to **TRY** to see if I can change that.  

I am going to do differentiated math tubs and guided math groups.  
God willing, I will be able to do this! 

I color coded my groups. 
 Yes, I used cupcakes! Imagine that!
If you want it, grab it HERE.
Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the great graphics! :)

I will put them in coordinating baskets I picked up from the Dollar Store or Target a few years ago.
I have my groups paired up by ability to make it easier for me to instruct my groups during work with teacher time.  This way we can also work on the games together should they be confusing or too difficult. 

I have this great Pattern Block Book that I can use for exploration. 

And I have other things to include as the year progresses--geoboards, clocks, flash cards, etc. 

My Easy Peasy Math Games are going to be great to include now during this time as well.
 You can click the image to see it on TpT. 

But since this is new to me (and them), and we haven't been in school for a very long time...I'm starting with some things I know that they can do or need more practice with. 

Below you will find some activities that I'm going to get started with.  I'd like to share them with you as well.  Some I've posted before (years ago) and I've just revamped them.  Directions are included for each activity in the download.  Click the top picture to grab the whole set (because I'm too lazy to upload several sets!) ;)

 I hope you can find use of some of these activities.  

I am off to laminate before one of my favorite shows come on.  
I'm a huge fan of Unforgettable.....the funny thing is, I always have to ask my hubby what the name of the show is--because I FORGET!  (I'm getting old friends---old!)

Have a happy week!!


  1. Thanks for the freebies! I will gladly use them with my firsties. :)

  2. I'm trying to start up math centers this year too. We have been in school longer than you and I still haven't gotten my centers up and going. I'm hoping for success this week. :) I've been using your Cut and Paste Sentences pack as a starting place for writing. have the kids write at least one more sentence to go with the first one. I've been very excited with what I'm getting. Hope you have a great week!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. LOL I love Unforgettable but I thought they stopped making it. Are you watching reruns or am I missing this show?? LOL, I love your freebies too but that last part really caught my eye because I was so sad to see it end!!!


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