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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making Life Easier (For Me!)

So this week, I started Math Stations (for the first time ever).  I've done math centers before, but due to timing I always had just one block of time for centers and I just had  math/literacy stations together.  This year, I was ready for a change.  I posted a little bit about it HERE where I included some freebies.

For the most part, it went pretty well.  I have an aide for about 45 minutes during my morning time 2-3 days a week.  I made sure I scheduled my math station/group time when I have her help.  She works with my low group during stations.  It is a BIG help!! :)

*I had originally thought I had cute colored baskets at school--but I was using them for book boxes. 
But these black shower caddies from Wally World work wonders. 
I labeled my tubs (3 different groups).

Then I labeled Ziplock baggies with the color of the group and a day of the week. 

Then I dropped in the center/station that I wanted the group to do each day.

The Ziplock baggies fit perfectly in the bigger part of the caddy, and I could add manipulatives, dice, pencils, etc. to the other parts of the caddy to keep everything right at the fingertips.

 Since I'm differentiating my stations, the work may be a little more in the beginning, but as the weeks progress, I can just bump things down from my other groups--saving time in the end.

And it's all right there---in those little caddies.  And having it ready to go for the week makes it easier on me if I have a sub or a helper in the room. 

The kids seemed to enjoy them.  Their biggest comment was "we get centers TWICE?" 
I don't think they realized they were learning! :)

Since I'm trying to make life easier (for me) ;) -I created a list of my Super Reader Sight Words.

 I had made the Super Reader Sets for a few of my struggling firsties last year...and though I'm going to use it this year, I also wanted to be able to find the word easily.  The words all come from one of these sets:

You can click the links to see the product on TpT.  

I thought that having the word list would help me pull resources as needed for words (whether I use it with the basal or continue using it the way I designed it).  It also lets me see what words I'm missing so maybe I can get a new set going! :)

*If you own the Super Readers Sets, you can click on the word list above to grab you a copy of the words that are in the packs.  I hope it helps you too! :)


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! I still haven't gotten centers going. My class is so noisy and at times chaotic, I've been afraid to even try them. I had to write 4 citations yesterday and 3 more today. Maybe I should just take the plunge, I don't know if they could be any louder than they already are. :P
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