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Monday, October 7, 2013

Collecting Data

Mondays...I tell ya!  I posted on FB that I may have came home, taken a nap, got back up and was ready for bed all over again.  I'm usually not this drained.  Maybe it's the change in the weather---because here in Ohio--it FINALLY feels like fall!!  :)  I'm ready for those hoodie/jeans around the bonfire nights.  I'm a camping/outdoorsy gal!  The cool nights, the fall colors---it's pure Heaven for me! 


My state has developed a new way of assessing teachers/students--SLO's.  This is part of our teacher evaluation as well.  We have to show how our students are making growth.  My district chose to use a vendor program--in which case, ours is Star.  We are using the Star Early Literacy component to measure student success.  Though there may be some validity to it, it can also come up faulty with wrong clicks, quick clicking, etc. so I wanted to make sure I had something quick to pull and reference from that matches Common Core as well.  We are always collecting data from our students in some regards (we also use Fundations), but I wanted to "cutesy up" what I was already using. 

I thought maybe some of you could use this quick checks in your student data binder/folder as well.
First up, a Reading Level Data page. 

 I had originally made one and shared on FB, but due to everyone having different goals for end of the year, and a different way to measure the levels, I removed the goal and the levels.

Then I was asked if I could remove the months that I used as testing dates, 
so I created a blank one as well. 

 You can grab an editable file by clicking on any of the images above.  It will come up as a PowerPoint presentation.  All you need to do is add a text box to where you would like to add your goal, levels, months, etc.

I've also wanted to work with my students on being accountable for their sight words.  They love the sticker books, but because each pack of Super Readers I created only focuses on 25 words at a time, I wanted something more visual for them.  There are 100 words on the sheet below.  The words are a combination of Fry and Dolch and come from all 4 packs of my Super Reader sets in my TpT store.
Click HERE to grab a copy.
Students will color in the words when it is mastered.  I will continue checking over their words as well to see that they have truly "mastered" them.

Finally, another skill I'm wanting to continue to improve with my class are numbers--reading, recognizing, writing, counting.  I have several who are still having a hard time with the teens.  Here is my data sheet for numbers.  I will continue checking on students starting with zero each time.  I wanted to make sure that previously learned numbers haven't been forgotten as we continue to learn other numbers on our trek to 120.

Click HERE to grab a copy.
I hope you can use one of these data pages in your classroom! :)

Now I'm always late to the game on being seasonal and timely.  I wish I could be better about that, but I'm just not---I could make a thousand excuses for why I'm delayed:  mom, wife, baker on the side,  I facilitate our TBTs (both 1st and then K/1) in which I need to plan and schedule topic discussions, etc----but the fact is--I enjoy the TV and my favorite fall shows have returned!  ;)  Speaking of which--it is almost time for Two Broke Girls!

HOWEVER, here is a cover preview for what I hope to have finished (before Christmas!)--if not there are TONS of great products on TpT to help me out with center time! :)


  1. Thanks for these great data pages! I will definitely be using them! I may even use the reading one for conferences tomorrow. I made something similar last year, but yours is so much cuter! :-)

    Blooming In First

  2. Our district is ALL ABOUT student DATA right now.... we are also having them chart and color and graph and mark and OH BOY! It can be overwhelming! Your recording sheets are great! They would be great fit here!!!
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

  3. These are awesome! I'm also in Ohio and I have to set goals with my students on STAR. Do you have any kind of goal setting or tracking sheets that you use with STAR? Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. As they continue to add more responsibilities on us, I guess they don't realize that we still only have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else. They are wanting all of this data, but we still need time to teach. It can be frustrating, can't it? thanks for the sightword freebie, I'm going to use it!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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