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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Doubles Freebie!

The weather here in Ohio was quite warm today---and they are calling for 6" of snow coming Friday.  I don't think Mother Nature quite understands how teachers can tell when there's a change in the weather!  Am I the only one that notices behavior differences? ;)

I needed some engaging games to get me through this week.  
Today we played a beginning sound game with digraphs and blends that I made last year.

It's nothing fancy, but the kiddos sure did love it and had so much fun.
Click HERE to see last year's post.
One was so excited when he "beat" me to the mallet.  That makes the learning so exciting when their eyes light up because they are "beating" their teacher! :)

(*Side note*  As I read through last year's post, I realize that I have a LOT to be thankful for, and am going to continue focusing on all the positives in my life.  Life is too short and God is too good for the gloomies! :) )

We also sorted some long a word families that are in the Baking for Santa pack.

You can click the image below to see the pack on TpT. 

We've also been reviewing nouns and verbs.  
I liked this verb song up to the last minute or so, but the kids really enjoyed it regardless.
Then it gets a little confusing because the song doesn't align to the words on the screen. 

The words were typed from the Have Fun Teaching video.

Here are a couple other noun and verb songs that we have enjoyed.

I have some noun and verb quick print activities that we will be working on leading up to Christmas break (as well as a few other activities) in a new pack.  It's called Morning Bell Ringers.

 You can see it HERE.

In math we will continue working on our addition facts (doubles facts) for fluency and accuracy.
I've created some REINDEER GAMES for our review.
You can see it HERE.

But I also wanted a quick worksheet for intervention.
So here's a lil' Freebie.
 Just click the image above to download it! 
Please be kind enough to leave me a message if you grab it! :)


  1. PERFECT!! Just what this tired teacher needs for tomorrow!!! You're the best!! Thank you!!

  2. Love this doubles activity! My kiddos need practice with the higher doubles. Is it ok if I change to higher numbers to be used with 2 dice?

  3. This will be great for my Math Monday activity! Thank you so much!!

  4. Working on doubles now and they are so excited about Christmas that I know they will love this activity. Thanks!


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