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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peek into our Week (and an updated Freebie!)

Is it just me or is getting back into the swing of things harder than I remember?  Maybe I'm just old...but I just can't seem to get energized since being off from break! Thank goodness for an extra day this weekend.  Maybe I can get "caught up."  You're laughing...I hear it....because we know that as teachers (and mommies) we NEVER get "caught up."  

This past week we've been working on our Plane Shape unit.  
The kids really seemed to enjoy our activities. 

 We explored our shapes.  Students really need to have a day just to play with them
It helps me with my management to let them be a toy before they are a tool.
By the way, I was the COOLEST teacher ever, or so they told me.  ;)

We worked in our shape book.

We played a few games.
Today's game was a big hit.  
 Students rolled a cube, and then graphed the results on their paper.
*We were going to roll a total of 20 times, but our time ran out.  I wanted them to add their rolls so we stopped allowing them just enough time to add it up! :)

We're still working on plane shapes (and creating new shapes), but will transition into solids before long.  I hope to work on a solid pack over the next week or so, but if you've liked any of the activities here, you can check out the pack in my TpT store.  The activities are differentiated to assist you in the classroom with all of your little learners. 

We worked on our Spinner Games. I (I mean the kids) LOVED these games!  
They are great to use for intervention groups or literacy stations.
They are from Ice Ice Baby Literacy Edition.

I also created a new pack this week for that I can't wait to use for groups and stations.

We have been working on our CvCe words.  
Following the Treasures series, we've covered a and i.  
I have to say that the Reading Detectives pack is PERFECT for my kiddos.
It works great for homework too.

**Note--you can find anyone of these packets by clicking the image.  
It will redirect you to TpT.

Now if you've stayed with me long enough, I have a little freebie.
I updated a center pack with short i and long i/silent e all because 
I needed a cuter recording sheet! :)

 Students will read the words on the cards.
Then they will determine if the word is a short i or long i 
and place the word on the correct sort mat.
 Then they will record their results onto the recording sheet.

If you'd like to snag a copy of this freebie, you can click on the image below.

I also LOVE comments!! :)
***Please make sure I can reply back to you...check to see that you aren't a no-reply blogger*


  1. I love all your shape activities! I think it's definitely one of those areas of mathematics that kids really love to explore, because shapes are everywhere and you can do so MANY different activities with them. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Perfect and super cute! We're starting long i on Monday! Thank you!

  3. As usual DeAnne, you are working circles around me! The shapes packet looks great! It looks like you made some of the pages half size, I do that a lot to save paper. I downloaded your penguins, I think I already have it, but hey, if it is a cuter recording sheet.... lol I'm like you, I have been having trouble getting back into the swing of things too.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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